Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Armaan pacifies Saumya

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Harsh giving his house papers to a man and the latter agrees to give twelve crores. Armaan and Harsh gets shocked. They asks why he is telling they will give them twelve crores when they already told him that they need twenty five crores. The man says that if they have given him few more days time then he would have given him the money they asked him. Harsh and Armaan agrees to the men. The man leaves. Sushma says that Saumya informed her that she arranged three crores. Armaan tells still they need money to save the kids.

 Goldie comes there with Saumya and Shilpi. He tells Armaan his friend is with him who will help him arrange money to save the kids so asks him not to worry. Armaan thanks Goldie. Saumya tells Armaan and the family members that they will arrange the money at any cost but its important for them to know who is behind this kidnapping. Armaan tells once they saves the kids they can take police help to find who is behind this.

Saumya tells that they have to find it because they cant trust the kidnappers words blindly because no one knows what the kidnapper will do after he/she get the money from them also adds for the safety of their child they have to find who is the kidnapper. Shilpi and Goldie suggests the same to Armaan and the family members.

Armaan plays the CCTV footage. The family members watches it and gets shocked seeing a man wearing a hoodie entering the mansion then goes to Jashan and Jahan’s room and carries them outside. Goldie tells the one who kidnapped either knows everything including where is the kids room or the one who isn’t directly involved but made the kids gets kidnapped knows all about the Oberoi mansion. He then asks Armaan to think who it must be from workers to his hidden enemies.

Armaan tells the workers are working here for so many years so he dont think will do this. He also tells that he dont have any hidden enemies. Saumya tells the one who kidnapped the kids must knows everything it must be one who is working under them for years or one of the family members. Armaan asks Saumya what is she saying and says the house keys are with family members only. He then gets shocked realising the keys are with Prisha also. He accuses Prisha is behind the kids kidnapping but Saumya refuses to believe it saying Prisha apologised to her.

Armaan tells Saumya that Prisha can go any extend to take revenge from them. Saumya shouts at Armaan then why he allowed Prisha to interact with the kids. Sushma advises them that this isn’t the time to fight with each other. Armaan receives a call from the kidnapper. Saumya decides to record the audio using her phone. The kidnappers asks Armaan whether he arranged money yet. Armaan says he almost arranged all the money.

The kidnapper threatens Armaan. Armaan gets worried. Saumya pleads the kidnapper to let her talk to the kids. Jashan and Jahan pleads the Saumya to save them. Saumya cries. Armaan worries about the kids well being and the kidnapper tells him that he will take care of his kids properly. He also tells that he ordered the kids favorite pizza then cuts the call.

Saumya cries and tells everyone that she was naive but now she agrees with Armaan it must be Prisha who is behind all this because how come a kidnapper knows what’s her kids favorite pizza though. She then goes to Prisha’s house but finds it locked so she calls Shilpi to keep an eye on Prisha’s home until she finishes the other part of her work. Armaan arranges the money in a suitcase and says they need five more lakhs though.

 Goldie brings the money bag and says to Armaan it has five crores. Armaan thanks him for lending him money. They all then expects the kidnappers call. Other side Jashan and Jahan asks the kidnapper to take them home but the latter refuses. Jashan pacifies a crying Jahan saying their father will save them at any cost. Saumya breaksdown so Armaan pacifies her also holds her hand. Saumya removes her hand from Armaan’s hold and tells him they are together in a mission to save the kids and it will not change their relationship status so asks him not to have his hope high that she will not accept him at all.

Armaan apologises to her. Goldie tells Armaan he ruined the beautiful relationship he and Saumya shared though. Saumya Saumya breaksdown recalling the moment she fell in love with Armaan from him framing her as a mentally unstable person and snatching her  kids. She then hears the recording again and again and find the wind chime familiar.

Later Saumya and  Goldie goes to Prisha’s house and asks her to tell them about the kids whereabouts. Prisha pleads them to trust her by showing them all the proofs how she is planning to move on and she isn’t going to get anything by kidnapping the kids. Saumya looks on worried.

Precap: Saumya says to Goldie that the wind chime sound is familiar and the kids must be kept in that room. Prisha calls Saumya and asks her to to the store room where the kid might be held captive. Saumya and the family members rushes to Store room. They all looks on stunned.

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