Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 5th August 2022 Written Update: Jashan and Jahan learns Armaan’s truth

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 5th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Armaan tries to talk to Goldie but the latter shouts at him to not to call him friend and says he dont even deserved to be called or considered as an enemy. He also adds that he always trapped in his love marriage life also his family members to get whatever he wants but atleast he could have been loyal with his enmity with other’s. He then asks the officers to take Armaan to police station. The officer asks Armaan to go with them to the office. Shilpi gets a call from Saumya. She gets happy learning they find the kids so she decides to leave the house of Prisha.

She opens the house door and then goes to Prisha and tells her Saumya find the kids and they got to know she is behind the kids kidnapping. Prisha gets happy learning the kids are safe. She asks Shilpi who kidnapped the kids though. Shilpi tells it’s Armaan and leaves the place. Prisha gets shocked. In Oberoi’s mansion Harsh checks up Jahan and tells Saumya both the kids are still weak so they have to take proper care of them.

 Saumya tells the kids that they have to oblige her and have food and medicine to recover fast. The kids asks her about Armaan’s whereabouts. They also demads Saumya to bring Armaan home. Saumya gets sad but tells the kids Armaan is on his way home to meet them. She also tells them to listen to her words and have medicine to be strong. Both the kids says they want nothing more than their father. Harsh tells Saumya the kids are not only physically weak but also mentally weak and the only solution is they have to bring Armaan home.

Saumya makes a promise to the kids that she will bring their father to meet them. She then goes to Goldie and pleads him to bring Armaan home because the kids want him by their side so for that reason she is ready to do anything and she dont care about the outcome. Goldie tells her that Armaan did a sin but the way she is pleading to him for the kids well being he will try to bail out Armaan but he can’t promise her. Saumya tells him that she have no other options so he have no other options too and ask him to do something to bail out Armaan. Goldie leaves the house assuring Saumya.

Saumya brings soup and medicine for Jashan and Jahan. They both refuses to have the soup nor they refuses to listen to Saumya’s plan to tell them stories while they have food saying they want their father nothing else. Saumya tells them that she already made a promise to them that their dad will come to meet them soon so asks them to have food because he won’t like then seeing ill. She then feeds the kids their food and tell them stories. The kids fall asleep. She will tuck them in bed and leaves the room with Sushma.

Sushma tells Saumya that she has not even once thought Armaan can stoop this low and kidnap his own kids. She then asks her to file a  case against Armaan and make sure he get severe punishment. Saumya cries and tells her that she is confused to do what is right at this moment because the kids needs their father. Goldie comes there. Saumya asks him about Armaan. Goldie tells her that he used the kids medical condition to bail out Armaan. Armaan enters the house. He goes to Sushma and calls her maa.

 Sushma slaps him across his face and asks him not to call her as his mother herafter because after what he did he don’t deserved to call her as his mother. Harsh also reprimands Armaan from calling him as his father also expresses his disappointment for what he did. Armaan tells Sushma and Harsh that he did all this because its Saumya who pushed him to do all this.

 Saumya gets furious and asks Armaan to be ashamed about his behavior also not to blame her for his actions and says he don’t deserves to be called as a father. She also adds that whatever Armaan did is for his own selfish reasons not for the kids betterment or something when Armaan tells everyone that he did everything for the kids betterment.

Armaan laughs and tells Saumya eventhough she wants to punish him she can’t because the kids loves him not their mean mom. He also tells even after all this he is the one who get succeed in his plan because of the kids hatred for her. Saumya tells Armaan when the kids learns the truth they wont love him the same way. Armaan tells Saumya that day will never come and he knows about his kids who knows their father loves them unconditionally.

 Jashan and Jahan comes there and tells Armaan he is wrong shocking the latter. He tries to get closer to the kids saying he can explain but they stops him and refuses to hear him out saying they heard the conversation already and asks him how could he kidnap them and make them suffer. They also tells its Saumya who saved them so hereafter they are going to be with her because now they know their real mother isn’t mean but their father is.

Armaan pleads the kids to listen to him once but the kids refuses. Saumya hugs the kids and cries. She recalls the moment she gave birth to them to till date. Jashan and Jahan shouts at Armaan but Saumya scolds them for raising their voice against their father and advises them not to do never repeat such mistakes. She then tells Armaan that she told him truth will always win and that’s what happened. Sushma and Harsh disowns Armaan and asks him to leave the house and never return.

Saumya tells Armaan that she already warned him but he was too stubborn to listen to her that’s why he now have nothing with him neither family nor his money fame or respect. Sushma suggests Saumya to stay with them but Saumya tells that each memory will haunt her so she cant able to live with them but once in a while she will bring the kids to meet them. Sushma and Harsh agrees. Saumya and the kids takes the blessings of Harsh and Sushma and leaves the place happily holding Jashan and Jahan in her hand and Armaan sees that everyone left his side with tear filled eyes. Sushma and Harsh also walks away from Armaan.

The End.

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