Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 5th July 2022 Written Update: Jashan and Jahan defeats Armaan

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 5th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the room look messy and Armaan open the door and calls out both his son and asks him where they are. He then tells their father is here and says he knows they wants to play hide and seek but they should learn their father will find them. Both Jashan and Jahan comes behind Armaan and hugs him. Armaan wishes them both a happy birthday. He then asks them to let him hug them properly then they can go and get ready for their birthday party.

Jashan and Jahan pushes Armaan down in the bed and tells him for that he needs to catch them first and runs out of the room. Armaan laughs and calls them naughty and runs behind them. He struggles to catch them. He then catches both Jashan and Jahan. They both pretends to have a stomach pain which worries Armaan so he let go of them to call the doctor to check the kids. Both Jashan and Jahan laughs at Armaan saying they just lied to him and runs downstairs. Armaan gets shocked and surprised and follows them downstairs. He complains to Harsh that both his son fooled him to win. Both Jashan and Jahan tells they are Oberoi’s so they will do anything to win and runs away from there.

 Harsh agrees with them. Armaan laughs and runs behind them to catch them. Jashan and Jahan goes and hides themselves behind Sushma. Armaan comes there too so they goes near the table where there Birthday cakes are kept. Armaan follows them there too. Sushma pleads Armaan to not to play like a kid with his kids. She also warns them the cake might fall down. Both Jashan and counts. Armaan fails to catch them also their birthday cake falls to the ground. Jashan and Jahan gets shocked but gets relived and happy when Harsh praises them.

Jashan and Jahan proudly says that they defeat their father also tells they are Oberoi’s who never fails. Armaan tells them that they both defeated him so now atleast let him hug them properly. He hugs them and asks them what they want for their birthday. Both Jashan and Jahan says their mother is there to take care of their needs and runs to Sushma. Sushma tells them making the cake fall to the ground is not a good manners.

Armaan and Harsh defends both Jashan and Jahan’s actions. Sushma tells them the kids are unknowingly insulting the food. Harsh scolds her and tells that he will buy them cake which is bigger than the one which has fallen to the ground and asks her to clean the mess. Armaan also tells Sushma its not a big deal also he is happy that his son’s defeated him. He then asks his son’s to get ready for their birthday party. Sushma tells her other daughter in law that this is what the kids learnt from  the elders in the house which isn’t at all right.

Other side Saumya gets her freedom. She comes out of the treatment center. Her family members waits for her. She gets emotional seeing them. Her family members along with Goldie gets emotional seeing Saumya. Malini hugs her and enquires her how she is doing now. Saumya asks about her kids. Shilpi tells Saumya that she will take her to the kids in her car. Saumya thanks Goldie for taking good care of her family members in her absence.

Goldie asks Saumya to go with Shilpi and Malini meawhile he and her father will complete the paperworks. He also tells that he dont want Armaan to do something to turn everything against them though. Saumya gets into a car with Shilpi. Goldie asks Malini to be careful around Armaan when they goes to meet the kids in Oberoi mansion.

Harsh tells Jashan and Jahan their grandfather brought them a cake which is bigger than the previous one making them happy. Armaan tells that they can now cut the cakes to his son’s but they both says no and asks where is their mother. Saumya comes there and kneels infront of everyone and opens her arms recalling the days she spend with them. Armaan and Harsh looks shocked. Prisha comes there.

 Jashan and Jahan runs to her and  calls her mother and asks her why she is late shocking Saumya. Prisha tells them that she went to buy them the world’s best gift and takes them with her all the while smirking at Saumya.

Shilpi and Malini comes there. Sushma tells Armaan that Saumya is here and they have to acknowledge her presence as she is the real mother of the kids but Armaan refuses saying she is an unwanted uninvited guest so asks Sushma to not to interact with Saumya Saumya infront of his kids then goes to cut the cake. Both Jashan and Jahan cuts the cake and feeds it to both Armaan and Prisha. Saumya watches this with teary eyes. Armaan asks the kids to go to their room and play with their friends with the gifts he bought them. Jashan and Jahan obliges and decides to go upstairs but sees Saumya and stops going upstairs. They both asks Armaan who she is. The latter tells them that she is a stranger and asks them what he taught them about strangers. The kids says they have to stay away from them.

Saumya goes near Jashan and Jahan and calls them her everything and says she isn’t a stranger also she brought them Halwa. Both Jashan and Jahan says yuck and runs to their room. Saumya cries. Malini pacifies her and says time definitely has the power to change everything though. Sushma goes and touches Saumya’s shoulder and tries to hug her but Saumya stops her and tells her son’s are the only people who matters to her in the house.

Armaan tells Saumya that they don’t want her to be here because she is a shame to Oberoi’s but he will tolerate her presence today only because it’s his son’s birthday where his enemies also gets chance to take part in the party and celebration. Saumya asks Armaan why her son’s are calling Prisha as their mother. Armaan smirks at Saumya.

Precap: Armaan asks Saumya to sign the divorce papers. Saumya says to Armaan she will sign the papers in return he need to give the babies back to her. Armaan looks at Saumya with an arrogant smile.

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