Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye: Saumya to throw Prisha out of the house!

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Sony TV’s show Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye is gearing up with an interesting drama with Saumya agreeing to Sushma’s request to take part in a puja with Armaan which is conducting for children’s well being. Later Armaan brings Prisha with him to take part in a puja but Saumya teaches him a lesson and asks him not to provoke her further.

In the current track it shown that Armaan insults Malini and Saumya. He then asks Saumya to return home accepting him and his life style but the latter refuses and tells him that she is sure he is planning something against her that’s why he is asking her to return home in a nice way but she wont fall for his act anymore.

Sushma comes to meet Saumya and her children. She tells her idea to conduct a puja for the children’s well being and request Saumya to take part in a puja with Armaan for the sake of her babies. Saumya agrees but tells the puja will take place in her house only.

Veena calls someone and tells that person’s prediction is right about Saumya as she asked her contract which will help her to get back her babies. The next day Armaan brings Prisha with him and tells him he is going to marry her and tells everyone after that she will be the one who take care of the babies so he and Prisha will do the puja and sits near the priest asking him to start the puja.

Saumya records a video of Armaan saying the viewers can see Armaan is with his girlfriend who are going to do puja for Armaan’s babies shocking everyone. She then threatens Armaan to not to provoke her further because she may go to any extend to protect her babies and be with them. Armaan looks angry and helpless.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Saumya will throw Prisha out of the house. Armaan and Prisha will get shocked. Armaan will say to Saumya that he brought Prisha with him so ask her to treat Prisha properly.

Saumya will say that this is her house so she will decide who can stay and leave if Armaan have a problem he can leave. Later Armaan will strangle Prisha and the latter will ask him to free her and ask is he is crazy or something. Armaan will look angry.

Will Armaan and Saumya take part in a puja together? Will Armaan agree to take part in a puja with Saumya?

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