Mouna Raagam 18th February 2021 Written Update: Jakkamma words to Kadhambari

Mouna Raagam 18th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mallika and Sakthi enters into their new house. Sakthi looking around the house happily and expresses her happiness to Mallika. She replies to her it may small house but it’s looking good. Mallika says to Sakthi that she don’t wanna be a burden to Sukumar’s relative.

She is going to buy things for them to cook. Sakthi stops her and says that she went to bring food for them. If we starts cooking now. it will be like we are insulting her. Sakthi says to her let’s buy food from hotel at night then starts cook from tomorrow. Mallika deny it reasoning that hotel foods are not good for their health. Sakthi asks Mallika to take rest first. Sakthi informs to Mallika that she wishes to join the job.

Mallika asks her to join later. Sakthi deny it in fear. Mallika gives permission to her. Sakthi informs to her that she rememebers the moment they left Karthick. Mallika says to her that she took an good decision to leave him. Atleast he will be happy. Everyone used to scold Sakthi so she disliked it. Sakthi assures to her that she will never go in search for them. She is here to cure Mallika. She asks Sakthi to inform Sukumar.

Kadhambari reaches her house. Fortune teller comes there and shouting to Kadhambari that he has one news for her. Kadhambari asks the driver to kicks him out and close the gate. He is not going from there and shouting to Kadhambari that Jakkamma has one word for her. Jakkamma never lies.

His words will turns true. Kadhambari asks him to say it. He tells her that she is the lakshmi of this house but she has no peace. She fears something. One relative whom close to this house, living far away from them. They gonna return to this house. That person gonna come back to this house. Kadhambari get’s irritate. Parvathy feels happy while thinking Sakthi gonna return now. Kadhambari lashes out at her.

Tharun is working in his cabin. Sruthi is admiring him. She thinks that he is super busy not even minding her. She tries a lot to get his attention but fails. She expresses her feelings to Tharun. He gets a call so he leaves from there. Sruthi chases after him and asks him to say his answer. He replies to her that he likes her as a friend nothing more. Sruthi says to him that she will change his mind. Karthick is listening to the song. Rukmani and Kadhambari comes there and asks to Karthick what’s his decision in Sruthi’s marriage. He says to him it’s too early to marry. He will think about it later.

Episode end.