Mouna Raagam 21st April 2021 Written Update: Sathya asks help to Kadhambari

Mouna Raagam 21st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sakthi is waiting outside. Doctor comes there. Sakthi enquires to him how is her mother? Doctor informs to her that she is still in unconscious state. Doctor asks her to pay the money for surgery. Sakthi informs to him that she tried in all way to arrange the money but no one is helping her. Doctor says to her that Mallika is not in the state to postpone the operation. She asks time to him but he deny it and leaves. Sakthi leaves from there. Tharun is following her in car. Sakthi wishes to seek help from Murali and Nandini.

Tharun doubts why is Sakthi going inside Karthick’s house. Sakthi hesitates to go inside. She reminds Mallika’s word. She asked her to ask help from Murali if she is in need. She fears what will Kadhambari say to her. Sakthi calls Parvathy. She welcomes her in. She enquires her well about. Parvathy praises her song. Sakthi enquires to her about Karthick. She informs to her that Karthick is not in house. She informs to her that she didn’t go to office today. Parvathy says to her that Karthick treats all his staff as his family members. They will come to meet him here but Kadhambari dislikes it. Even Karthick’s brother Murali is like this only.

Sakthi enquires to her who is Murali? Parvathy informs to her that Murali is Karthick brother. She asks to her where is him? She informs to her that he left the house 12 years before. She asks his where about? Kadhambari and Rukmani comes there and lashes out at her.
Parvathy scolds Rukmani and Kadhambari for scolding her. Rukmani complaints that she is unaware of Sakthi’s deeds. Kadhambari questions her why did she come here? Sakthi says to her that she visited here casually! Kadhambari questions her Is this her house to visit here often? Sakthi informs to her that she is here to meet grandma. Kadhambari questions her Is she her grandma? What’s the need to come here? Sakthi apologies to her. Kadhambari complaints that Karthick bring head ache to her in Sathya form for singing well! She complaints that she don’t like her being close with Karthick and singing here. Sakthi about to leave. Kadhambari says to her that she don’t like Sakthi singing well, and she starts hating her from the first sight. Running kicks her out of the house. Parvathy scolds her for behaving like this.

Tharun notices it all. Parvathy questions them why did they kicked out Sathya like that? She informs to her that she is the villain in Sruthi’s life. Tharun liked her. She don’t know why did he loving her? Why did she come to this house? Sakthi is walking in road. Tharun follows her. He stops her and says to her that she is avoiding her. Sruthi notices him talking with Sakthi. She asks the driver to stop the car. She hears their conversation. Tharun questions her why is she crying? Sakthi asks him to leave her alone. Tharun questions her why did she went to Karthick house? Is they insult her? Sakthi refuses to answer him. Tharun offers help to her but she refuses to accept it. Tharun shares his feelings on her. Sakthi says to him clearly that she can’t able to accept him. She is not in the state to love anyone. Sakthi leaves from there.

Kadhambari enquires to Parvathy why did she visited here? What did she talked with her? She Informs to her that she visited here casually. She enquires about Karthick and Murali. She gets shock to hear it. She doubts why did she enquires about Murali? What’s her connection with him. Kadhambari doubts Sakthi and Sathya are same. Sakthi is sitting in hospital. Sruthi comes there and enquires her. She says to her that she learned all truth about her. She demands to meet her mom.

Episode end.