Mouna Raagam 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Varun’s stern decision

Mouna Raagam 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Varun reaches home. Manohar stops him and invites him for a casual talk. Varun sits with him. Sheela comes there and joins with them. Manohar enquires to Varun about his schedules? Varun informs to him that he attend two meetings rest all tomorrow. Sheela signals to Manohar.

He understands her then says to Varun that Rukmani and Kadhambari visited them. Varun feels happy to hear it. Manohar questions Varun did he meet Sruthi yet? He replies to him that he saw her three times. Manohar says to Varun that Kadhambari searching a boy for Sruthi. Varun replies it’s an good thing. Manohar says to him that she is in her marriage age likewise Varun too. Kadhambari asks Varun’s hand for Sruthi.

Varun questions Manohar what did he said to them? He replies to him that he asks little time to reply them. Varun questions him why didn’t he reject the alliance. He is not in a state to marry anyone. If he marry anyone they will end up crying. He don’t wish to ruin anyone life. Sheela says to him that Tharun should marry after him. Varun says to them clearly that he won’t marry anyone.

Sheela assures to Manohar that he will convince Varun to marry Sruthi. Sheela is staring her husband photo and crying silent. She says to him that she will definitely make it happen. She waits lot for this moment to happen. Manohar and Karthick family ruins her happiness and leading a happy life.

Manohar sends her husband to jail for that Karthick family. Her husband died in shame. She can’t able to forget this all. She is waiting for a moment to take revenge on all. Manohar wishes to share all truth to Karthick before marriage but she will stop him. She will reveals all truth after the marriage. Sruthi’s marriage life will be a question mark. Karthick will fight with Manohar for ruining his daughter’s life. Manohar want to die in guilt. She will definitely make it happen. Sheela thinks that she want to convince Varun first then rushes the thing.

Sruthi is staring Tharun’s photo. She wishes to meet him and makes him fall for her. Kadhambari and Rukmani comes there and greets Sruthi. Sruthi enquires to them what’s the matter? Both mom and daughter are arguing with each other to say the surprise news to Sruthi. Finally Rukmani shares to Sruthi that they decides to perform her marriage. Sruthi gets angry and deny their wish by saying she will marry the one whom she likes.

Kadhambari enquires her Is she loving anyone? Sruthi deny it. Rukmani informs to her that they talked with Manohar to give his son’s hand for Sruthi. Sruthi feels happy thinking about Tharun. She unawares that they are talking about Varun. Sruthi blushes and leave. Mallika and Sakthi talking each other happily. Sakthi informs to Mallika that she can’t able to reach her music teacher. Sakthi asks Mallika to take rest and goes from there to buy things from market.

Episode end.