Mouna Raagam 5th May 2021 Written Update: Karthick advise Sruthi

Mouna Raagam 5th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manohar asks Sakthi to give a nod to marry his son Varun that’s enough to him. Sakthi thinks that she didn’t expect this from him. What will mom say? Manohar says to her that he agreed to pay the bill for this but she is standing silent here. It’s not fair to back off from her words. Sakthi agrees to marry his son. He asks her to promise. She promise to him that she will marry his son. Manohar feels happy to hear it. He shares his happiness with her. He says that she may thinking that he is talking a deal with her. He says to her that he is doing good to her one day she will understands it. He asks her to call him if she needs anything? He assures to her that everything will end smoothly. Sakthi reminds her beautiful memories with her mom. She is waiting in hospital while thinking about the days she spend with her mom.

Sakthi enquires to Doctor about her mom state? He informs to her that nothing to worry. Her surgery is over. She is completely fine. Sakthi asks him to give permission to meet her. He says to her that she is in ICU. She wants to under observation for few days then she can discharge her. It’s her hope and prayer which saved her mom. He asks her to be careful in her medicine. She nods. Sheela welcomes Manohar. He informs to Sheela that he went to meet Sathya to talk with her. He shares to her that Sathya agreed to marry Varun. Sheela feels happy and fears what will be Varun answer. Manohar calls Varun to come down. He asks him to accompany him to outing. Varun assures to him that he will never take any wrong decision. Manohar asks Varun what did he thinking about the girl whom saved his life? He says to him that she is a good girl. Her mom was in critical stage though she thought about him. She came to rescue him, if she didn’t saved him then he would have take wrong decision in his life.

Varun says that she is really great. Varun feels bad for her mother. Manohar says to him that he has good opinion about her why don’t he marry that girl? Varun says to him why did he starting marriage topic again? Because of it all problems started. Sheela asks him to listen his father. Manohar questions him why did he hesitating to marry? Because he fears that girl will never marry him if she finds out his problem? But he shared everything to her by himself. Sheela says that girl will take care of him well. Varun questions him will that girl agree to marry him? Manohar question him Is he agree to marry her if she say ok. Manohar informs to him that girl agreed to marry him. He gets surprise to hear it. Manohar asks him to think about it.

Karthick is sitting sadly in his house. Sathya calls to him. She informs to him that her mom surgery over. Karthick enquires her about her mom state? She informs to him that she is doing good. Karthick apologies to her for not able to help her. Sakthi says to him that he tried to help her that’s enough. He asks her to take care of her mom. Sruthi questions him who is on call? He informs to her Sathya she wishes to inform about her mom for a formality. Karthick questions Sruthi why did she hating Sathya?

Sruthi informs to him that her life spoiled because of her. Karthick says that Sathya is innocent here Tharun liked her but what will she do in it. Karthick tries to explain with her. Sruthi questions him why did he supporting Sathya instead of her? Karthick says to her don’t talk like this to her. He asks her to divert her thoughts. He asks her sing, dance and roam around with her friends. Sruthi says that she will do it all but Sathya will marry Tharun and settle in his house. Karthick tries his best to advise to her.

Episode end.