Mouna Raagam 8th April 2021 Written Update: Varun gets a Panic attack.

Mouna Raagam 8th April 2021 Written Update on

Sakthi says to Mallika that they can buy all vegetables from near by shop. They wishes to take a daily walk in this time. Sakthi says to her they go after her job. Sakthi notices Manohar is standing outside with Tharun. She fears that Manohar will mention Karthick name to Mallika. Tharun stops Sakthi and introduces her to Manohar. He then introduces Mallika to him. Manohar asks to Mallika Is house comfortable to her? Mallika nods. Manohar asks her to tell if anything they need? Mallika says that they helped them alot already! Manohar deny it. He asks about Sakthi? He says that all are praising Sakthi in music academy. Everyone appreciating Sakthi’s performance in school. Tharun enquires to Mallika why did they walking this much to buy vegetables? Sakthi thinks that Tharun is motherless child that’s why he didn’t mind Mallika’s word. Sakthi leaves from there. Tharun is thinking about Sakthi in hall. Varun comes there and teases him with his girl friend. Tharun asks him to lower his voice.

Varun questions Tharun how many days he is going to hide this matter from dad and aunty? Tharun asks Varun to help him. He says to him that he thought it’s just a infactuation. But now he can’t able to stay quiet without seeing her. He thinks he is loving that girl. Varun is correct to find out his feelings on her? Varun says that he found out everything when he shared about it.
Varun questions him when will he going to propose her? Tharun says to him that he is going to propose her on his birthday! Varun appreciates his idea! Tharun fears that she may reject his proposal. Varun encourage him and boost up him. He asks Tharun to give a treat to him if she says ok to him. Sruthi is staring the gifts blushing.

Sruthi is talking to herself how to propose Tharun? She is admiring the gifts. Rukmani comes there and notices her. She is teasing Sruthi with her soon to be husband. Sruthi complaints that she has no privacy here. Rukmani says that she knew well about her. Rukmani says that she can help her to write love letter to him. He will accept her love soon. Rukmani says that Kadhambari loves Karthick a lot. She is still running behind him like a kid. She wishes Sruthi to be like Kadhambari. Manohar’s family are praying infront of Kasthuri! He says to her that Today is Tharun’s birthday! Tharun gets blessing from manohar and Sheela. Varun hugs him and wishes for his birthday. Manohar asks him to go for dinner at night. Tharun says that he has arranged birthday party with his friends. Varun says to Tharun that he can’t able to attend his party, reasoning he is going with Manohar. He asks him to enjoy well with his friends.

Parvathy complaints that day is so hot. Rukmani teases her. She asks to Kadhambari about Sruthi? She comes there wearing beautiful dress. Kadhambari and Rukmani praises her beauty. Parvathy takes drishti with her. Kadhambari is teasing Sruthi! Rukmani wishes to perform Shruthi’s marriage soon. Manohar takes Varun to Music academy. Karthick asks Varun to visit the office often. Manohar says to Karthick that lawyer created big scene here. Varun already talked with Lawyer. Karthick reads the notice and lashes out at the contractor. He says that they are doing this in jealous. Karthick burns the notice in fire. Varun gets panic attack. Manohar asks Karthick to stop burning it. Varun starts shouts in fear. Manohar takes Varun from there. He makes Varun sit inside the car and sends him away. Karthick staring Manohar in questioning way?

Episode end.