Mouna Raagam 9th April 2021 Written Update: Karthick lashes out at Manohar

Mouna Raagam 9th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manohar make Varun sit inside his car. He asks the driver to take Varun from there. Karthick is watching him in doubt. Staffs leaves from there. Tharun’s friend wishes him for his birthday. He enquires to her where is Sruthi? She informs to him that she is on the way. Tharun thinks why didn’t Sathya come yet? He doubts whether she will come or not? His friend asks to Tharun why don’t he ask his father to search a girl for him. Tharun teases his friend to clear his arrier first. He calls Tharun to cut the cake. He informs to him that one important person wants to come. Karthick is staring Manohar in questioning way? Manohar appologizes to him. Karthick asks to Manohar what happened to Varun? Manohar informs to Karthick that Varun used to get scared of Fire. Karthick demand a reason for it. Manohar informs to him that he witnessed his mother’s fire accident so he turned out like this. They tried in many ways to cure him. But nothing worked out.

Karthick complaints to Manohar that he talked his daughter alliance with him. But he hide this matter from him. Manohar says that Varun refused to marry Sruthi for this reason. He has no idea how to open this up to him. Karthick disappointed with Manohar. Tharun waits for Sathya. He thinks that all his plan will be waste, if she don’t come. Tharun notices Sathya coming there his happiness having no bounds. Sathya gifts Tharun and wishes for his birthday. Sathya gives prasad to him from temple. He accepts it happily. Tharun thinks that he is going to propose Sathya. He will be happy if she accepts his love. Tharun says to her that he will introduces her to all. Sathya hesitates a bit reasoning she never used to attend parties. Tharun assures to her that all are friendly type. Sathya deny it again.

Sruthi comes there and wishes him for his birthday. She questions him why did he applied Thirunoor out of the blue? He informs to her that Sathya gave it. Sruthi dislikes Sathya presence there. Tharun asks Sruthi where is his gift? She teases him for asking gift now. She informs to him that many gifts are waiting for him. Mallika comes to Tharun’s house. Sheela is there and notices Mallika. She welcomes her in. Sheela asks her to sit with her. Mallika says to Sheela that it’s tough to buy milk from outside. She asks her to give milk delivary boy’s number. Sheela assures to her. While going back Mallika notices Karthick photo there with Manohar. She gets shock to see their picture.
Sakthi reminds all her past seeing that picture. She doubts why are they together in this photo?

Tharun is ready to cut the cake. Tharun is often staring Sakthi. Sruthi dislikes it. Tharun mentions that his important friend came. Sruthi misunderstands that he is mentioning her. Tharun cuts the cake and feeds to Sruthi first. He is feeding to all his friends happily. He gives cake to Sakthi also. All are giving gift to Tharun and wishes for his birthday. Karthick lashes out at Manohar for hiding this matter from him. Manohar says that it’s not a big issue. Karthick complaints that Stuthi will be heart break if she comes to know about it. Manohar tries to explain everything but Karthick is not in a mood to listen him. Karthick blames Manohar as betrayer. Sheela notices that Mallika is staring Manohar’s picture. Mallika enquires to Sheela who is it? Sheela informs to Mallika that Karthick is Manohar’s close friend. Even Sakthi is working in Karthick’s music academy.

Episode end.