Mouna Raagam: Sakthi gets an appointment letter

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Vijay tv popular show launches Mouna Raagam season2 with a leap of 12 years. This time audience gonna witness the love story of Sakthi and Sruthi. Earlier its seen that Sakthi sings with her father on stage and now it will be seen that Mallika lashing out at Sakthi for singing with her father. 

In the previous episode, it’s seen that the Karthick keep praising Sathya to Parvathy. It irked Kadhambari. Sakthi takes Mallika to the hospital but the doctor asks them to go to Chennai and do the surgery. Mallika refuses to go to Chennai. Karthick meets Manohar and they discuss a music teacher. Karthick informs him about Sathya. While Karthick says to Parvathy that he sent an appointment letter to Sathya she gets happy and wishes to meet her but Kadambar and others are not at all happy with the news. She says to Rukmani if Sakthi comes back to her life she won’t hesitate to kill them. Manohar’s sons are shown. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Varun gets a panic attack seeing the fire and falls down. Sakthi gets an appointment letter from the music academy as a teacher. She gets happy and informs to Mallika that she gets a job. Mallika enquires where is it? Sakthi informs her that somehow they wanna go to Chennai for treatment her job is also there. Mallika strictly says to Sakthi that she doesn’t wanna takes the treatment and she can’t allow Sakthi to go there. 

What will happen next? When will Karthick find out Sakthi and Mallika’s whereabouts? The upcoming episode will answer all our questions? Stay tuned with our page for more updates.