Mouna Raagam: The family celebrates the reunion

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Vijay TV popular show “Mouna Raagam season2” starts after a break with lots of twists and turns. The new series focuses on Kadhambari leaving the house.


In today’s episode we see; Kadhambari decided to leave the house but Mallika stop her. She asks Kadhambari to stay with Karthick. She will leave. Sakthi pleads her not to leave. Mallika says that she has a beautiful family and husband. He will take a good care on her.

Both Kadhambari and Mallika are adamant to leave. Karthick says that he will leave. Sakthi and Sruthi convinces them to stay together. Later, Sruthi advises Tharun to marry Shalini. Varun asks Tharun to accept Sruthi back. Tharun accepts Sruthi back. Later, the family celebrates Sakthi’s birthday. The family celebrates the reunion.

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