Mouna Ragam: Will Mallika leave the outhouse seeing Karthick pic in Manohar’s house?

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Vijay tv popular show “Mouna Ragam” launches it’s another season.”Mouna Raagam season2″ is continuous with a leap of 12 years. This time audience gonna witness the love story of ‘ Sakthi and Sruthi’. Earlier we saw that Tharun decided to propose Sakthi on his birthday! Now it’s will be seen that Mallika will notice the Karthick pic hangs on Manohar’s house.

In the previous episode we saw;
Karthick talked with his friend on the phone, Sakthi came there and replaced his cold tea with a hot one. Sruthi noticed her and questioned Sakthi why did she showing care for her dad? Sakthi said to her that she cared for everyone. Sruthi asked Sakthi to stop talking with Tharun. Sakthi said to Tharun stop talking with her as ” Sruthi said”. Tharun questioned Sakthi to give a reason. Sruthi informed him that she asked Sakthi to do this. She assured to him that she just teased her. Sakthi reached her room. Mallika welcomed her. Both are having good chatting with each other. Mallika shared to her about Tharun’s mother’s died. Sruthi informed to Kadhambari that Sathya cared for her. She listened to her in everything. Kadhambari doubted may Sathya and Sakthi are the same.

In Today’s episode, we see; Sakthi and Mallika returning home after buying vegetables. Sakthi notices Manohar there she fears, he may mentions Karthick’s name to Mallika. Tharun stops Sakthi and introduces her to Manohar. He praises Sakthi’s teaching methods in front of Mallika. Sakthi thinks that Tharun showing care for Mallika because he doesn’t have a mother. Tharun thinks about Sakthi. Varun teases him. Tharun asks idea to Varun. He accepts his love for Sakthi and plans to propose to her on his birthday! Varun appreciates his idea! Tharun gets a blessing from his father and Sheela. He informs to them about the party. Sruthi dressed up beautifully to attend Tharun’s birthday party. Varun meets Karthick along with Manohar. He gives the lawyer’s notice to Karthick. He burns it in the fire. Seeing it Varun gets a panic attack. Karthick gets shocked to witness it.

In the upcoming episode, it’s will be seen that Mallika coming out of Tharun’s house. She will get doubt whether she sees Karthick or not? She will go again to check it. She will get shocked by her life after seeing the Manohar photo with Karthick. Will Mallika leave the house after this?

What will happen next? When will Karthick find out Sakthi and Mallika’s whereabouts? The upcoming episode will answer to our all question? Stay tuned to our page for more updates.