Mr. Bajaj threatens Anurag in Kasauti Zindagi Kay

Show Kasauti Zindagi Kay is witnessing high voltage drama. In the recent episode we have seen Prerna reenters Basu’s life along with Mr. Bajaj to avenge Anurag and Basu’s.

Prerna vows to avenge Basu’s. She took over the land which Anurag wanted to win and settle his dream project on the land. Anurag gets his first shock from Prerna. Ahead, Anurag tells to Monu and Kaushik that he has kept a party for the investors and asks them to get ready on time.

Further, Anurga’s adviser tells to Anurag that foreign investors are ready to invest in their company. Komolika says yes to the deal.  Later, Prerna enters and wind blows. Basu’s stands confused. Prerna recalls the betrayal by Basu’s. They get shocked seeing Prerna.

Mr. Bajaj enters too and stands aside Prerna. Anurag’s manager reveals to Basu’s that Bajaj and Prerna is their foreign investor. Anurag stands shocked seeing Bajaj and recall his moment with him. Basu’s gets to know that Prerna won the auction.

Now in the upcoming episode, we will see Bajaj will threaten Anurag.

Mr. Bajaj will meet Anurag and will say to him that the new Prerna belongs to him and she is here to destroy him. He will also accuse Anurag for killing old Prerna. Other side, Mohini will try to berate Prerna once again. Prerna will give befitting reply to Mohini. Further, at party Prerna, Bajaj, Anurag and Komolika will dance and their partners will get exchange.

Well, what more will happen in the show keep watching the show mon-sat on Star Plus.

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