Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 13th September 2022 Written Update: Yuvraj proposes Manyata

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 13th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Uma saying to Katha that everyone feels it’s your and Kabir’s baby so keep it in that way and don’t let the truth come out. Savitri comes there and asks what truth. Uma manages to say she is asking Katha to take care of herself. Savitri says I’m so happy and will take care of Katha as she is giving us heir. She says Baba said change is going to happen and this change is beautiful. She advises Katha to not lift any weights. She says she wants Dhol to be played in their house to share her happiness. Yuvraj plays dhol. Everyone formed out of their rooms. Madhu asks why he is playing dhol at night. Yuvraj says I want to share the good news with everyone I.e I’m in love. Katha gets shocked. Yuvraj says few months before I met one girl and loved her but I hurt her feelings and today I will apologize to her. Kabir asks if she is here. Yuvraj says she is here. Everyone looks on. Yuvraj reminds Kabir that he promised to help him to convince his girlfriend. Kabir says yes but who is she? Yuvraj walks to Katha. Katha feed tensed.

Yuvraj forwards his hand. Manyata holds his hand. Katha gets petrified. Yuvraj says to Kabir that he loves Manyata. Kabir asks when it happened. Yuvraj says don’t know when their friendship turned into love. He reveals Modak cookies idea is from Manu. Kabir says I’m impressed. Yuvraj apologizes to Manyata for not giving her commitment. He asks his mother’s opinion. Savitri agrees with their alliance. Next Yuvraj asks for Uma’s opinion. Uma agrees. Kabir asks Yuvraj to go ahead. Yuvraj sits on his knees in front of Manyata and proposes to her to marry him. Manyata agrees. Yuvraj makes her wear the ring. Everyone claps for them. Katha gets tensed. Kabir plays Dhol in happiness. Savitri hugs Uma.

Later Madhu thinks about everything. Yash says it’s a waste to think about it. Madhu says it’s a conspiracy against my brothers. She says Katha and Manyata are planning to rule us and it’s all happening because of you as I told you that Katha might be pregnant before marriage and if we confront them then Manyata doesn’t get a chance to trap Yuvraj. Yash asks why she is blaming him. Madhu says you stopped me that day otherwise Katha may never enter our place. Yash asks what is her plan. Madhu says they need to meet Doctor who revealed Katha’s pregnancy to everyone to find the secrets.

Yuvraj brings Manyata home and tells her that they reached home. Manyata says she wants to enjoy the moment. Yuvraj says wait for sometime then you can enjoy once we get married. They hug each other. Manyata asks if he is going to the bakery. Yuvraj agrees. Manyata says she is missing him. Yuvraj says he feels the same that’s why he proposed to her in front of everyone. Manyata says she is thrilled with his proposal and asks him to marry her soon. Yuvraj assures her to marry her soon. Manyata hugs him and says she is waiting for the big day. She kisses his cheek and leaves. Yuvraj wipes his cheek and thinks she is innocent.

Yuvraj is about to leave. Katha stops him and confronts how dare he to trap her sister after cheating on her. Yuvraj says they love each other and will marry soon. Katha slaps him. She says I know your plan and you don’t want me to expose you in front of Kabir that’s why you’re using Manyata. Katha asks if he is planning to blackmail her. Yuvraj says you understand my game well and I proposed Manyata intentionally in front of everyone to keep you shut. Katha says you judged me wrongly and now I will expose you in front of Kabir. Yuvraj threatens to create toofan in Manyata’s life if she reveals his deceit to Kabir. Yuvraj asks if exposing him is more important than her sister’s life. Katha looks on. Yuvraj leaves.

Episode ends.

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