Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 15th August 2022 Written Update: Kabir gifts a bike to Yuvraj

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 15th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir asking Yuvraj won’t you invite your principal. Yuvraj asks why to invite him. Kabir smiles. He says you topped with your professor’s support so invite your college professors and principal. Yuvraj says they are in Delhi so it’s tough for them. Kabir tells him he will invite and book flight tickets for them. He asks him to give their numbers. Katha tries to tell him something but Yuvraj stops her. Yuvraj tells him he will invite them. Kabir agrees. Kabir tells his mom that he will invite Savitri and Manyata too. Katha tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen and goes to call them.

Yuvraj tells Tony that he will apologize to Kabir telling him he couldn’t top this semester due to his health condition. Tony says Kabir is smart and will he believe this lie? Yuvraj says he will make him see a fake dengue certificate, in case Katha informs Kabir about my mark sheet then this medical certificate will save me, and wish Bhushan will get good information about Katha so I can shut her mouth using it. Katha thinks family members are buying gifts for Yuvraj with lots of love but he is cheating them. She decides to expose Yuvraj’s lie. She calls Kabir but gets a busy tone. Another side, Kabir calls and invites Uma and Manyata to party. Uma tells Manu has exams. Kabir says Manu will join them in the next function. He asks Uma to attend the function. Uma agrees.

Deepa tells Katha that Yuvraj will be mad seeing so many gifts. Katha waits for Kabir’s call while packing the gift and thinks hope Kabir reads my message before the party gets started. Kabir tells Kishore that he got many messages and calls as he left his phone aside for half an hour. Kishore asks where are they going. Kabir says he is going to bring a special gift for Yuvraj.

Bhushan goes to one shop near Katha’s house. He offers money to the shopkeeper and asks him to tell him if Katha had any affair. The shopkeeper slaps Bhushan and warns him to leave otherwise he will make him get jailed as they did with another guy who came to enquire about Katha. Katha prays Naini mas idol to give her strength to console the Kabir as he gets broken after knowing the truth. Manju comes there and asks Katha to get ready for the party. Katha asks her about Kabir. Manju says Kabir and Kishore went somewhere, they can ready quickly so you get ready.

Party gets started. Uma shows Katha to her friends. They praise her look. Katha thinks if Kabir reads her message or not. Yuvraj thinks the party has started and Kabir didn’t find out about my results. Yuvraj goes to Katha and indirectly mocks her. Uma takes Katha and makes her meet with her friends. Deepa on the call tells her friend that she will allow media people. Deepa praises Katha’s look and tells her that the media will people will cover her leaving Yuvraj. Madhu overhears their conversation. She calls Yash and informs to attend the party to give bites to the media which can help him.

Savitri makes Katha meet Singh who is a friend of her husband. Everyone congratulates Yuvraj. Katha goes aside and calls Kabir. Yuvraj says Katha is thinking she is smart but she can’t. He calls Bhushan and asks if he gets any information. Bhushan tells him about his experience with the shopkeeper. Yuvraj asks him to find who is the person who came to enquire about Katha as he can help us. Deepa asks Katha about Kabir. Katha says he is not attending calls.

That time Kabir comes there in anger calling Yuvraj Shekhawat. Katha thinks he might read her message. Kabir reveals to everyone the bike he got for Yuvraj. Yuvraj feels happy and poses riding that bike. Katha asks Kabir, why is he not attending her calls. She asks if he reads her messages or not. Kabir says he didn’t see her messages as his phone is dead. Kishore gives him the power bank. Kabir charges his phone. Kabir says Yuvraj is happy and he deserves it for the hard work he did. Kishore says you deserve it for the brought up. Kabir receives many messages. The episode ends on Katha’s worried face.

Precap – Kabir hurts his hand with a stone. Katha tries to stop him. Kabir says to her how Yuvraj ruined their trust and reputation.

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