Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 15th September 2022 Written Update: Manyata commits suicide

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 15th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Katha revealing to Uma that Yuvraj is Rahul who cheated on her. Uma gets shocked and cries badly. She asks why she hides it. She asks if she told to Kabir. Katha denies. Uma says I won’t let Yuvraj’s shadow fall on Manu. She asks Katha to come with her so they can make Manyata understand. Katha asks Uma to take Manyata to Nainital. Uma asks her to take care of herself. She asks Katha to reveal Yuvraj’s true face in front of everyone very soon. She says she is with her. They go to Manyata’s room and see Manu cut her wrist. Katha calls for help. Kabir and Yuvraj come to help. Katha warns Yuvraj to not touch her sister. Kabir says he is just helping. Savitri sees Manyata’s letter and reads it out that she is committing suicide as she can’t go against Katha and can’t live without Yuvraj.

At the hospital, Savitri consoles Uma. Kabir blames Katha for Manyata’s suicide attempt. He says we are no one to run someone else life. Yuvraj smiles. Savitri asks Kabir to stay calm and reminds him that she is pregnant and they can talk once Manyata is fine. Doctor comes out and informs everyone that Manyata is out of danger. Katha and Uma go to meet her. Uma scolds Manyata for committing Suicide. Manyata says Yuvraj is not like Rahul and Rahul is a monster who cheated on you and left you by making you pregnant but Yuvraj is a replica of Kabir so please understand and agree to our marriage. Katha says you don’t know about Yuvraj and he is. Uma stops her. Kabir comes there and tells them that they need to get discharged immediately to escape the case.

Katha and others bring Manyata home. Yuvraj helps Manyata to irritate Katha. Kabir assures Manyata that he will get her married to Yuvraj. Katha says Manyata won’t marry Yuvraj and today itself they are leaving for Nainital. That time Savitri throws his suitcase of Katha in front of everyone and she asks Katha to leave their house and warns her to never return to their place. Kabir and Deepa ask why she doing it. Savitri says Katha is carrying someone’s child and it’s not Kabir’s baby. Everyone gets shocked. Madhu says previously you slapped me for Katha. Savitri says that time I was blind but at the hospital, I found this truth. Yuvraj thinks he is trapped if it’s his baby. Savitri says Katha cheated all of them including Kabir. Kabir says Katha didn’t hide anything from me and I know about her pregnancy.

Episode ends.

Precap – Katha reveals she is carrying Yuvraj’s baby. Everyone gets shocked.

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