Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 16th September 2022 Written Update: Katha exposes Yuvraj’s reality

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 16th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir telling Savitri that Katha told him everything before marriage. He says he is the one who thought to inform them taking time. Madhu asks why can’t he understand that they trapped him and now they are trapping Yuvraj too. Uma says she is misunderstanding them. Madhu warns her to stop. Manyata says she can’t disrespect in this way without their mistake. Madhu talks bad about Katha’s character. Kabir warns Madhu to talk with respect. Chacha asks Kabir why he brings Katha kind of girl to their family. Kabir tries to tell his mom that Katha is innocent.


Madhu says these Rawat ladies are bad and the guy who cheated on Katha left her knowing her real intentions. Katha warns her to stop. She says she can’t listen to anything against her family. Madhu holds Katha’s hand and asks her to leave their house. Katha stops Madhu. She says the one who cheated on me is a cheater and he used my emotions and cheated on me to win the bet. Yuvraj gets tensed. Katha says this baby is the blood of this family. Everyone gets shocked. Madhu asks Katha to stop her dramas as your sister said you’re pregnant before meeting Kabir. Katha says she is carrying Yuvraj’s child. Everyone is shocked. Katha holds Kabir’s hands and tells him that Yuvraj is the one who cheated on her.

Yuvraj asks Katha how can she accuse him. He tells he never meet her before marriage and says she is blaming him to stop his marriage with Manyata. Katha asks him to accept his mistake. Yuvraj asks what mistake. Katha is about to slap him but Madhu stops her and tells her they won’t believe her accusations. She asks what proof she has. Katha in tears says she is not lying and asks her to understand. She says your brother is a saitan not human. Madhu says she knows her brother. Katha says you don’t know about your brother and he lied to me that he is an orphan and it’s my mistake that I believed his lies and he used my weakness and trapped me and then he left leaving a letter for me. Kabir cries. Madhu says she doesn’t believe her stories. She asks her why she married Kabir if Yuvraj cheated on her? Is it to take revenge?

Katha says before marriage she doesn’t know that Yuvraj is the brother of Kabir. Deepa asks Katha if it’s the reason she is sad after marriage. Katha nods yes. Madhu asks why she didn’t reveal it once she finds out about Yuvraj. Uma asks what will she tell? Why you’re firing questions at her? Madhu says it’s needed as she is accusing my brother. Katha asks Madhu to stop and you know that I’m saying the truth and till now I didn’t reveal it thinking Kabir may hurt himself knowing it and that’s why I waited till now so Yuvraj can accept his mistake.

Yuvan says whatever Katha saying is a lie and she is accusing me to stop the marriage. He asks if they believe her lies. Everyone says they don’t believe Katha’s accusations. Savitri says Kabir needs to answer it. Katha tells Yuvraj can stoop to any level to prove his point and that’s why he risks his life to get Kabir’s apology to win over me. Yuvraj asks what proof she has to prove her point.

Episode ends.

Recap – Savitri asks Katha to leave the house. Katha denies. Police comes to arrest Yuvraj and tell everyone that they received a complaint from Kabir.