Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 17th August 2022 Written Update: Yuvraj learns Katha exposed him

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 17th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir saying Yuvraj has killed me today and he has ruined our family respect today, I want to hide my face, I want to scream, where shall I hide my face, he has lied to me that he topped in all years and whatever he told to us is lies. Savitri is about to fall but Her daughters support her. Kabir confronts why he cheated them.

Yuvraj says he doesn’t want to fall in their eyes. Kabir claps. He says today you fall so low that you never rise in my eyes and you never understand your brother otherwise you may tell me the truth and you’re a fake person and I can never meet your eyes as you make me fall down in my eyes. Yuvraj apologizes to him. Kabir warns him to not touch him. He says he doesn’t want to see his face. He tells he hates himself for trusting him and he announces that from here onwards your brother is dead for you. Everyone gets shocked. Kabir leaves. Katha is about to go behind him but she stops seeing Savitri’s condition. Kishore asks them to take Savitri to her room.

Deepa requests media people to leave after having food. Yash requests media to not circulate news that may damage their name. Media people say Kabir did so much for this city so we won’t let him face any backlash. Deepa looks doubtful at him. Savitri denies taking medicine. Katha makes her eat the medicine. Savitri asks them to leave her alone. Manju asks everyone to leave saying she will be with mom. Everyone leaves.

Katha is trying to reach Kabir but he doesn’t answer her calls. Katha says wish you were read my message before about Yuvraj. Uma asks Katha if she knows about the result. Katha nods yes. She tells her mom how she messaged Kabir before the party but the truth comes out at the party. Madhu overhears it and learns Katha informed Kabir. She leaves. Katha tells her mom that she is worried about Kabir. Uma assures her that everything will be fine. Katha says she is feeling bad seeing Kabir’s state and its tough to see him in this way and I need to make him better. She says Naini maa to save Kabir.

Kabir drives the car fastly. Katha stand-up saying Kabir. Uma asks her to not take stress which is not good for baby. Kishore asks Katha to not worry. He says Katha come with me, Kabir will be fine and I know where he went. On the way, Kabir thinks Yuvraj lies. Savitri goes to Yuvraj’s room and packs Yuvraj’s luggage. She slaps him for cheating Kabir. Yash and others try to stop her but Savitri doesn’t listen to anyone and she asks Yuvraj to leave the house. Chacha asks where he went? He says Kabir already insulted Yuvraj and it’s Kabir’s mistake.

Manju says it’s Yuvraj’s mistake as he knows how Kabir trusts blindly and Yuvraj cheated his trust. Madhu says Katha knows Kabir heart gets broken if he knows about Yuvraj’s result but she messaged him and didn’t wait till party gets ended. Yuvraj gets angry at Katha. Savitri asks why they are blaming Katha leaving Yuvraj. She asks Yuvraj to leave. But he didn’t move anywhere. Savitri asks him to not show his face to her. Manju and Deepa leave saying he breaks their heart. Yuvraj throws the table in anger and thinks he won’t leave Katha. Kabir bangs his car on a tree.

Episode ends.

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