Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 18th August 2022 Written Update: Kabir punishes himself

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 18th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir meeting with an accident. He comes out of the car. Katha asks Kishore where are they going. Kishore says Kabir must be at Shiv Mandir. Kabir sits near the bench. He touches his dad’s name on the bench and recalls how he promised his dad to love Yuvraj so much like a father. Kabir thinks he failed to fulfill his promise to Dad so he deserves punishment too. Kishore stops seeing Kabir’s car. Katha shouts for Kabir. Kishore asks her to not get hyper which is not good for her baby. He asks her to get in the car saying he will take her to Kabir.

Kabir hurts his hand with a stone. Katha comes there and gets shocked seeing Kabir’s state. She stops Kabir and questions why he is punishing himself. She ties a handkerchief to his hand. Kishore comes there. Kabir in tears says he got defeated, I promised Dad that I will raise Yuvraj with values but I failed and am responsible for Yuvraj’s current state, and my love spoiled me. He asks why Yuvraj did it to him. Katha asks Kabir to feel relaxed.

Yuvraj thinks everything. He says Katha is responsible for everything. Tony says it’s because of kids’ scrapbook for you. Yuvraj says Katha messaged Kabir and she might want me to get exposed at the party to take her revenge on me. He says she makes me feel low in front of everyone. He vows to take revenge on her. Kabir says to Katha that his family lost their reputation with Yuvraj’s act. Katha asks him to console himself. Kabir asks if she tried to tell him since morning. Katha agrees. Kabir says wish he listened to her. Katha tells him she won’t let him accept the defeat.

Savitri feels worried for Kabir. Manju asks her to not worry telling Kishore will bring Kabir. That time Kabir returns home with Katha and Kishore. Savitri sees he is hurt. She asks why he haunted himself for Yuvraj’s mistake, she says wish they teach lessons to Yuvraj in childhood itself. Deepa and Manju say they will call Doctor. Kabir denies it saying he is fine and tells them that he wants to be alone. He leaves. Katha signs Savitri and goes behind Kabir. Madhu says Kabir is changed with his wife’s entry. Manju hears it.

Katha asks Kabir to sit with her. He walks in a lost way. Katha makes him sit. She says you’re hurt but that doesn’t mean you can hurt your body. Kabir says he is hurt in his soul. Katha bandages his hand. She advises him to not trust anyone deeply which may break him later. Kabir says there is no relationship without trust and I’m scared of what lies he told to us and which matters he hides from them. Katha thinks of her warning to Yuvraj. She asks Kabir to not thinks about it. She makes him eat Naini maa prasad. Kabir asks if she ate. Katha nods no. He asks why. Katha tells him she wants to eat with him. He feeds her. Both are lost in each other eyes.

Episode ends.

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