Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 19th September 2022 Written Update: Kabir slips into a coma

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 19th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvraj asking Katha what proof she has to prove she is carrying his baby. Kabir cries. Katha says you know what’s the truth and I don’t need to show proof to insult myself. Madhu says you can’t show it as you don’t have any proof and don’t feel that we believe your accusation. Kabir shouts to stop. He leaves to his room and locks himself in his room. Katha knocks on the door and requests him to open the door. Both cry near their side of the door. Chachi says Katha can’t stay in this house.


Kishore says they can’t decide without knowing a complete truth. Savitri says you’re with Kabir in Nainital but you didn’t inform us anything even after knowing everything. Kishore says that situations don’t let him tell. Savitri stops him. She says Uma Ji we got insulted. Uma says we got insulted and don’t think I will let my daughter stay here with a devil like your son. She asks Manyata to bring Katha so they can leave.

Katha comes to the hall. She tells Savitri that Kabir locked himself in the room and she asks Savitri to make him come out. Madhu says we are there for Kabir so leave the house packing your luggage. Uma says enough and asks Katha to come with them. Katha says I can’t leave Kabir in this situation. Savitri asks her to leave their house. Katha says I’m the wife of Kabir and daughter-in-law of this house so I won’t leave without talking to Kabir. Madhu says this is the real face of Katha and she wants to be in this house and show her right on Kabir but we won’t let it happen so leave.

Police come to Shekhawat’s house and tells them that they came to arrest him. Savitri asks whom they want to arrest. The inspector shows the complaint and tells them they came to arrest Yuvraj as they received a complaint from Kabir Shekhawat. Everyone gets shocked. Deepa requests Kabir to open the door. Kabir feels devasted recalling everything. Deepa leaves.

Kabir in frustration thinks he fails to feel Katha’s pain. Deepa in tension informs everyone that Kabir is not opening the door. Chacha tries to manage the police but Inspector denies it and says they need to arrest Yuvraj. Yuvraj stops them. He goes to Kabir’s room and knocks on the door and he asks him to trust him not Katha. Kabir shouts in pain and loses consciousness.

Family members try to stop Police from arresting Yuvraj but Inspector doesn’t listen to them and arrests Yuvraj and takes him with them. Yash and Chacha go to get bail. Katha feels worried for Kabir’s safety. She knocks on the door and requests him to open the door. Kishore comes there and notices from the door hole that Kabir falls unconscious. Family members ask him what happened. Kishore says Kabir is not in his senses. Kishore and Devraj break the door. Everyone feels worried for Kabir and rushes him to the hospital.

At the hospital, Katha prays to Naini maa for Kabir. Madhu blames Katha for her brother’s state. Kishore and Deepa ask Madhu to stop creating scene at the hospital. In jail, Yuvraj in anger thinks about why Kabir did it to him. Doctor informs family members that Kabir is in trauma because of shock and he falls into a coma. Katha begs Doctor to save Kabir. Doctor says Kabir will be fine but they can’t guarantee when he comes out of the coma. Katha says Naini maa can’t do it to me.

Episode ends.

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