Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 21st September 2022 Written Update: Katha proposes to Kabir

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 21st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Katha saying to everyone that this is real Yuvraj and this is his truth, he is shouting that he never met me, he is lying. Yuvraj thinks about how Katha got this footage. It’s shown Katha got CCTV footage from SI Khan madam. Katha says I collected this footage to make Manyata believe my words when she committed suicide. Uma says to Madhu they may not see this day if they see what is lacking in Yuvraj rather than pointing to Katha. Savitri struggles to get up. Yuvraj tries to help her but she stops him. He says the video is fake.

 Savitri slaps Yuvraj. She says I gave birth to a saitan who ruined a girl’s life for a bet. She asks why didn’t he thinks about his sisters before ruining another girl’s life. She says I’m feeling shame to call you my son. Savitri apologizes to Katha. Katha says don’t apologize to me. She hugs her and tells her there is no mistake of you Maasa. Katha demands Yuvraj seek Kabir’s forgiveness so he may get better. Yuvraj thinks he has to do it until he finds another way otherwise these people will throw him out.

Yuvraj meets Kabir. He accepts his mistake and asks him to open his eyes and tells him that he will do what he says once he comes to consciousness. Kabir gets a panic attack. The nurse asks them to leave. Savitri sees Yuvraj in anger. Yuvraj leaves. Katha cries seeing Kabir. Savitri consoles her. Later Savitri asks Katha to do Kalash stapana of Navaratri at their home for Kabir’s wellbeing. Katha does Kalash stapana and performs Aarti to Durga maa. Katha prays Durga maa to give strength to Kabir. Pandit gives prasad and blesses Katha.

Katha ties Kalava to Kabir. She assures Kabir that Durga maa will heal him and until then I won’t eat anything. She tells Kabir that his junior and she will fast until he gains consciousness. She asks her baby to bear it for his father. Later Uma and Savitri bring food to Katha and ask her to eat. Katha says Durga maa will make my husband better and until then I won’t touch food. They get shocked.

Savitri performs Havan at home. Uma prays Naini maa to save Kabir. Katha recalls her mom’s words.She shows their photos to Kabir and reminds him of their moments. She says I’m nothing without you, I know you always wanted to hear this, and today I am saying it, I love you and you’re the reason for my smile so please come to me soon and I want to have you in all my births. Aarti of devi maa happens downstairs. Kabir moves his hand. Katha encourages him to open his eyes. Katha opens his eyes and says I love you Mrs. Shekawat. Katha feels happy and hugs him in tears. He joins their hands. She kisses his forehead and both smile at each other.

Episode ends.

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