Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 23rd September 2022 Written Update: A happy ending for Katha, Kabir

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with katha stopping the Police and telling them that Katha shoot Yuvraj to save me and it happened in front of you then how can you arrest her? Inspector says they have to arrest her. Katha says I’m the culprit so I need to be getting arrested. Kabir hugs her saying he won’t let anyone separate them. Police separate them and take Katha with them in a jeep. Manyata consoles Kabir and tells him that they can proceed legally. Kabir goes inside and they take Yuvraj’s body. Everyone cries.

After 2 days

Constable informs Katha that her family came to next her. Katha thinks it might be her mom. She sees Kabir. Kabir asks her to not worry and tells her that he will take her to home soon. Katha asks why you came here. She asks him to move on in the future and tells him that she is the culprit of his family and asks him to leave. Kabir says I’m the culprit for not seeing your pain and you’re my life and I can’t live without you and our baby. Katha says I entered your life with problems. She asks him to never come to meet her again. She turns and asks him to leave. Savitri and other family members come there. Katha apologizes to them. Savitri says Yuvraj may kill Kabir if you didn’t shoot him and you need another chance as you killed him in self defense. They say they came to take her home. Katha says I can’t come home, please forgive me for that day. Madhu says mom, Kabir and we need you and you have to take care of us so don’t take the blame on yourself and the remaining lawyer will do it in court. Madhu requests her to come home for them. She apologizes to her. Katha agrees to leave with them.

Katha gives her statement that she shoot Yuvraj in self defense. Inspector says bail formalities are completed and she asks her to leave after signing the form. Katha signs. Everyone feels happy.

After 7 months

Kabir asks Savitri to eat food. Savitri says I don’t have reason to live. Katha comes there to give her tablets. Savitri asks her to take a rest. Katha gets sudden pain. Savitri says Katha might be in labor. They rush her to the hospital. The doctor informs Kabir that he is blessed with a baby girl. Everyone feels happy. Kabir rushes to Katha’s room. He feels happy seeing baby and Katha. Everyone goes to Katha’s room. Kabir thanks Katha. Savitri holds the baby and says I got reason to live. She says she will arrange a grand party for Naam Karan. Manyata takes a selfie.

Savitri and others welcome baby grandly to the home. Pandit asks what name they choose for baby. Kabir says Muskaan Katha Shekhawat. He says she is the reason for our smile and mom can give her name. Katha says they are lucky to get him. He makes the baby wear an evil eye bracelet. Everyone feels happy. They say Muskuraane ki Vajah tum ho to the audience and the show ends on a happy note.

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