Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 31st August 2022 Written Update: Kabir surprises Katha

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 31st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvraj observing Handi. Tony asks why he is seeing Handi. Yuvraj says this time Handi is high, isn’t it? Tony asks what’s he planning. Katha sees Kabir getting ready in excitement. Katha says she is feeling good to see his excitement and asks if he plays Dahi handi every year. Kabir says Dahi handi is his favorite and he is sure that it’s gonna be their son’s favorite too. He asks Katha to reach on time saying he planned a surprise for her smile. Katha says she will wait for his surprise. Kabir leaves. Katha notices Kabir didn’t apply sindoor on her hair partition. She goes to call him but he is already left. Katha feels bad and she places the sindoor on the table but it falls and shatters on the floor. Katha feels it’s a bad sign and reminisces about Baba’s words and feels scared. Katha prays Naini maa to protect Kabir.

Kabir tells Kishore that Handi is high this year. Kishore says he can do it even though it’s high. Madhu asks where is Yuvraj. Yash asks Kabir to forget their differences to break the matki like every year. Kabir refuses and he asks Devraj to join his team to break Handi. Devraj happily agrees.

Uma video calls Katha and asks if she prepares Bhog. Katha says she prepared it well. Manyata asks Katha to take care of her health. She says she wants to see Dahi handi too. Uma asks Katha why she looks worried. Katha says Kabir forgot to apply sindoor to me in a rush and sindoor shattered on the floor so I’m worried. Manu asks why she is behaving like old types. Uma says it’s common when we care for someone and you will understand once you are married. Manu asks if she means soulmate. She says she will marry once she gets her soulmate. She asks her to show when Kabir is breaking Dahi handi. Uma asks Katha to not worry about small things and Naini maa will set everything. Neelam calls Katha.

Kabir asks his team to do a trial. They form a pyramid. Katha closes her eyes. Kabir notices she is worried. He goes to her. Katha asks him to not participate as it’s risky. Kabir says he likes her care and asks her to not worry as he does it every time. Devraj calls him. Kabir leaves telling her she will get her surprise once he goes up. Kabir dances with his team. Yuvraj calls Devraj and asks him to help him to set Kabir’s mood. Kishore asks Katha to not worry. Kabir asks where is Devraj. Team members say he will come and asks him to start it. Yuvraj comes there and calls Kabir. Kabir says he won’t allow him.

Devraj says his health is not good to participate in it. It’s shown that Devraj agrees to help Yuvraj for Kabir’s happiness. Kabir says to Yuvraj that he won’t get his forgiveness in this way. Yuvraj participates with Kabir. Both go up from the pyramid formation. Deepa and Manju say Yuvraj made Kabir agree. Savitri says Kabir doesn’t forgive Yuvraj in this way. Kabir climbs the pyramid and smiles seeing Katha. Yuvraj says they can achieve anything together. Kabir controls himself from losing his balance. He showers flower petals on Katha and sends her a flying kiss. Katha blushes.

Episode ends.

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