Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 4th August 2022 Written Update: Yuvraj apologizes to Katha

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 4th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gunjan getting angry seeing Katha. She pushes the swing harshly and hides. Katha is about to fall but Kabir saves her in time. He asks if she is fine. Katha nods Yes. He asks if his baby is fine. Katha tells they are fine. Kabir asks how swing loved suddenly. Katha says it’s like someone pushed the swing and I felt scared thinking something might happen to the baby. Kabir tells her he won’t let anything happens to their baby. Gunjan feels disappointed.

Bhushan asks Yuvraj to drive slowly. Yuvraj scolds him for wearing the jacket and telling Katha that he gifted him. Tony says everyone can’t lie like you and he may tell what comes to mind. Yuvraj says he is not seeing any way to escape from this problem. Tony says there is one way. Bhushan pleads him to drive slowly.

Katha asks if he is planning to be with her like a bodyguard. Kabir says he needs a situation to be with her. Katha looks impressed. He holds her hand while moving the swing. Both lost in eachother. Kabir’s niece tells him that she wants to dance with them. Kabir takes Katha. He thanks everyone for welcoming Katha with so much love. Savitri asks isn’t she Gadha? Kabir reveals how Pandit asked them to use Gadha. Savitri says she accepts her daughter in law in all forms. Kabir dances with Katha and makes her feel special. Gunjan gets angry seeing them. she leaves. Madhu notices it. She follows Gunjan and asks her what happened. Gunjan leaves telling her she is feeling bad in some matter.

Guest praises the things Savitri arranged for Katha. They ask what things came from Katha’s maternal home. Chachi and Madhu mock Katha saying her house people can’t afford to get her anything. That time Uma and Manyata come there with gift. Katha asks her mom in tears. Uma asks if everything is fine. Katha nods Yes. Madhu asks how many kilos they get as their mom arranged 100 kg things. Kabir asks Uma to tell the precious gift she bought.

Uma reveals the Shiv Parvati idol with Ganesh. Katha asks if she prepared with her hands. Uma agrees. Madhu says they can’t keep it as they used gold idols, not clay ones. Kabir sees Savitri in tears and asks her what happened. Savitri says they are not rich in their childhood and your Grandmother prepared clay idol for me in this way and it’s her blessings that we are in this position and this idol reminded me of our roots and old memories. Savitri thanks Uma and accepts her gift happily.

Katha cries hugging her mom. Uma asks if everything is fine. Katha thinks she can’t reveal about Yuvraj’s truth as it hurts Kabir and others. Uma asks if she is fine. Katha tells her she missing them. Uma says it takes sometime to mingle with them and I feel happy to see you here as it’s my long lasting wish. Uma asks if she is keeping Nirjal vrat. Katha says she will break fast if she feels she can’t and Kabir asked me to not keep fast thinking about the baby. Uma says she is lucky to get Kabir. Yuvraj says Kabir is lucky to get Katha bhabhi. Uma calls Yuvraj inside. Katha denies.

Uma asks why. Katha says he has so much work and she asks him to leave. Uma stops her. He calls Yuvraj inside and praises the brought up of Savitri. Yuvraj tells Katha that Kabir is calling her. Katha goes out and notices there is no Kabir. She asks Yuvraj where is Kabir. Yuvraj says he is not here and I called you to talk with you. Katha says she can’t expect anything from him except lies and asks what he wants to talk. Yuvraj apologizes to her. Katha stands shocked.

Episode ends.