Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 5th September 2022 Written Update: Yuvraj joins the family business

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 5th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Katha awakening because of the nightmare. She goes to check Kabir. She sees Kabir and Yuvraj playing a video game. Yuvraj sees a message leaving the game. Kabir thinks about whose message it can be as he lost a game to read it. Kabir asks who messaged him. Yuvraj says it’s Bhushan’s message. He requests Kabir to play another game and wins it. Kabir says it’s cheating. Yuvraj hugs him. Katha returns to her room. She imagines Kabir in the room. She thinks about why she is seeing Kabir everywhere and thinks to divert her attention.

Kabir taps Katha’s shoulder. He asks Katha why aren’t you looking at me. Katha says to him, nothing like this, I was just about to sleep. Kabir says you look like you are hiding something, were you missing me? Katha says yes. Kabir says to her why don’t you say I Love You to me? Katha says, Kabir. That time Kabir comes there. He asks why didn’t she sleep? Katha says she is not getting sleep. Kabir says she has to sleep well for their baby’s health. He asks her to sleep thinking happy moments of her life. Katha thinks her happiness is before her. Kabir leaves asking her to sleep. Katha tells him good night.

The next day, at the dining table Kishore says something is missing. Manny says he doesn’t get sweets. Kishore says it’s not about sweets and why are we eating breakfast without taunts of Madhu? Madhu says today he shifts it to him. Gunjan tells Neelam that real drama will start now. Yuvraj says he ate tiffin and now he will go to the bakery. Kabir asks him to tell the work so he can do it. Yuvraj says he decides to join the bakery to learn work. Savitri and Kabir ask him to rest for one more week. Yuvraj says he may never forgive him if he is in their place. He says he give up his start up idea and decides to join the family business.

Kishore says Yuvraj to jot drop his bike modification idea. Yuvraj says it’s my childishness and I will work with family. Savitri says this is the change Baba mentioned. Devraj says it’s good Yuvraj and Kabir already arranged a cabin for you. Yuvraj says he will not sit in the Managing director seat until he proves his capabilities. Chachu says it’s good to see Yuvraj following Kabir’s steps. Kabir tells Yuvraj that he wants to give him something as his blessing. He signs Katha. Katha looks disturbed.

Katha gives the apron to Yuvraj saying Kabir sent it. Yuvraj throws the apron to see the message. Katha tells the importance of that apron. She tells him that he is doing wrong with Kabir. Yuvraj asks her to not involve between the brothers. Katha says Kabir doesn’t know your reality but I know that you’re ready to risk your brother’s life for your success but don’t forget that I’m a shield of Kabir. Yuvraj tells her she can’t remove him from Kabir’s life. Katha is about to say something but Yuvraj stops her and leaves after seeing the message.

Katha waits for Kabir. Kabir returns home. She asks why he came late. Kabir says it’s because of Yuvraj. He tells her he is happy seeing the hard work of Yuvraj. He says I’m proud of Yuvraj and I know he will take our family to new heights. Katha thinks don’t expect this from a cheater like Yuvraj. She asks him to eat food. He says he eats it with Yuvraj. Yuvraj comes there and talks to Kabir about business. Kabir asks him to end business talks. Yuvraj says he has a surprise. He asks him to eat the cookie prepared by him. Kabir tastes it and says it’s good. Yuvraj asks Katha to taste it. Katha says it’s good. Yuvraj says let’s eat food. He tells Katha that he is stealing Kabir from her to complete the game. Katha says Kabir will feel worried for your health even if he stays here so take him and very soon he cures you.

Episode ends.

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