Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 9th August 2022 Written Update: Yuvraj spoils Katha’s pehli rasoi ritual

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 9th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Deepa blackmailing her son and making him drink the milk. Madhu says today they will know how Katha will cook and whether we can have it or not. Deepa asks why she is not leaving the option to judge Katha. Neelam says these rituals are to judge the new bride and they have to pass these tests. Yuvraj hears it and looks on. Neelam gives a protein shake to Yuvraj. Yuvraj drinks it. Madhu says Katha has to bear a tough time at her Sasural if something goes wrong in Rasoi Ritual. Yuvraj looks on. Deepa takes them saying Mom called them for Puja.

In the kitchen, Deepa teases Katha. Savitri stops her and tells Katha the importance of the Rasoi Ritual. Deepa says Kishore Jiju is happy eating Manju food and Yash is angry because his wife doesn’t know cooking. Savitri stops her. Savitri asks Katha to prepare Makane ki Kheer as it’s their tradition and favorite of everyone. Madhu says Makane Kheer and Bread Pakoda is the favorite of Yuvraj and he loves them. Katha recalls their moment. Gunjan makes her come out. Savitri asks if she knows Makane ki Kheer. Madhu says Makane is expensive so she may not know about it. Savitri asks her to prepare Suji ka halwa if she doesn’t know Kheer. Katha tells her she will prepare Makane ki Kheer. Savitri asks Manju and Neelam to help Katha showing things. Gunjan tells her sister that she won’t trust Katha and goes to order sweets from outside.

Yuvraj thinks about Madhu’s words. Manju and Neelam give things needed to prepare sweet. Madhu comes there saying Savitri is opening the gifts. Katha asks Neelam and Madhu to leave saying she can manage. They leave. Kabir comes to Kitchen. Katha thinks it’s Manju and says she can manage. Kabir says he knows it. She turns and sees Kabir. He asks her to talk with her mom on a video call. Uma says they reached home safely and the house is empty without you. Katha says she is missing them too. Manu asks her to not add salt in place of sugar. Uma says Katha can never do mistakes like you. Manu asks Kabir to inform them how the First rasoi ritual of Katha happened. They disconnect the call.

Kabir sets Katha’s hair and both are lost in each other. They come out of their eye lock. He gifts her the apron he wore during his bakery’s early days. He tells her it will get her good luck and makes her wear it. Yuvraj comes there and disturbs their moment. Yuvraj says he came to drink water and doesn’t see anything. Kabir says he came to wish her luck. Yuvraj says she is talented and doesn’t need our best wishes. He says he is excited to eat it. Katha thinks why he is behaving in this way. Savitri calls Kabir. He leaves.

Yuvraj says it’s my favorite along with Bread Pakoda. He asks her what will happen if Kabir and his family members know about their truth? Think about what others talk about your character as I can handle them. Katha says she can handle it. Yuvraj says you don’t have the courage to tell truth to everyone and you’re scaring me with fake threats. He tells he will never inform his family about his wrongdoings. Katha says he can’t scare her and don’t forget that you’re doing wrong and i will inform everyone about what you did.

Yuvraj says congratulations as you burnt the milk in your first rasoi ritual and they feel it’s inauspicious, how you handled them. Katha gets shocked. Yuvraj says family members will spit at you if you inform them the truth. He leaves. Everyone sees the gifts. Madhu asks what happened to Katha’s kheer as it’s taking so much time. Manju says she is taking so much time. Kabir asks them to wait for some more time. Manju teases him. Neelam says let’s see if Katha wants something Yuvraj thinks Katha can’t prepare it. Katha cries in the kitchen.

Episode ends.

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