My Roommate is a Gumiho – A must watch for Fantasy Romance Lovers

As we are already in the second half of the year, some of the much awaited K-dramas that aired in the begining of 2021 has come to an end. Among all the dramas of this year; My Roommate is a Gumiho  grabbed the attention of fans especially those, who love Fantasy Romance. Fantasy K-dramas are always very thrilling and exciting to watch. Ranging from Goblins to Grim reapers, Gumiho’s and even Doom ,there are wide variety of dramas already out there.This is yet another story about Gumiho. But what makes ‘My Roommate Is A Gumiho’ a must watch this year?Read on to find out.

Jang Ki Yong as Handsome Gumiho

Gumiho (A nine tailed fox) is said to be a bewitching creature with its good looks and charm. In this drama Jang Ki Yong plays Shin Woo Yeo ,a 999 year old Gumiho who needs human energy to fill his fox bead to become a human before his 1000 years on earth is up.With his handsome face and charismatic smile Jang Ki Yong portrays the role of a Gumiho perfectly and he not only wins Hyeri’s heart on the show but also ours!

 Hyeri -Queen of expressions!

 Hyeri as the female lead playing Lee Dam is an absolute delight to watch, Her quirky expressions ranging from funny to crazy throughout the show, speaks more than her dialogs.She is downright funny in some scenes and cracks us up.

Adorable chemistry and sizzling kisses!

The leads have amazing chemistry with eachother and proved to be great kissers. In most of the K-dramas ,where hero posesses super power,he is shown to be arrogant and rude to his leading lady at first.But Shin Woo Yeo remains kind and sweet to Lee Dam from beginning to end of the show.As they start living together, we can see them gradually falling in love and caring for each other with some funny moments making it all the more entertaining.

Love Triangle

If one cannot get enough of Jang Ki Yong’s good looks,the makers gave us one more hunk as the second male lead.Bae In Hyuk playing Gye Sun Woo – Hyeri’s senior in college,steals our hearts with his cute dimples and gorgeous looks. When Hyeri doesn’t reciprocate his feelings, his love for her remains one sided but genuine. His performance leaves us with the dreaded SMLS (Second Male Lead Syndrome) where we want him to get the girl although we are rooting for main leads!

Lovable supporting casts

There is one more Gumiho in the show, Yang Hye Sun a 700 year old female Gumiho but she successfully turned human. Although totally gorgeous and lived long, she is vain and dumb. Her confusion over idioms and phrases leaves us in splits! All the casts in general are all loveable and fun to watch.

Overall My Roommate is a Gumiho is quite an entertaining show with cute romance. It is definitely a must watch of 2021!