Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 10th November 2022 Written Update: Amba helps the Sharmas

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 10th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev ordering to his employees that no one should go out to drink coffee in office hours. They will get tasty coffee in our office. Ananya says to Arjun that Dev used to don’t say anything without logic. But she doesn’t understand the situation here. Dev wishes to call Vidhi. Meanwhile, Vidhi prays god to help her solve this issue.


Pramod says to Urmila that Vidhi is their relative let’s take her to their home in this situation. Urmila asks him to stop giving head ache to her. She takes him from there. Hariprasad checking the agreements to find a way to solve this issue. Kallu suggests him to take his friend advise to solve this issue. neighbours consoles Bimla. Meanwhile, Amba is sign in the agreement. Arjun is often checking the time to leave. Amba thanks him for came to her house. She says that her all ties with Raichand company is over. She asks him doesn’t he like the poster? Arjun tells him that he likes the poster personally but professionally it’s wrong. He is rushing to go out. Amba asks him to wait and drink the coffee.

Arjun says to her that Vidhi is in trouble. Golden said to him that Vidhi’s house got notice from the government to demolish it. Amba says to him that she have one senior government officials number. He will help him to solve this issue. She suggests him to go to Vidhi’s house. Arjun thank her and leaves. Amba thinks that Vidhi is lucky it seems. Two persons are ready to do everything for her. She doesn’t like her personally. Amba’s heart is big to help her in this matter but she needs something in exchange. Later, Dev is confused with his feelings on Vidhi. He recollecting his beautiful memories with Vidhi. Dev thinks that he never saw a girl like Vidhi in his life.

He doubts what will happen after he confess his feelings to Vidhi? Chithra forcing him to marry Amba. It’s impossible to marry her because he doesn’t have feelings on her. Meanwhile, Amba calls the government official and alert him that she wanted to talk about that Vidhi’s house. She asks him to give stay order to them but not so soon. They wanted to give pressure to them as much as possible.

Dev thinks how will he confess his feelings towards Vidhi. Doesn’t they have age difference. He isn’t a suitable person to her. He is older than her. What will society will think about them. His conscience says that age isn’t a matter here. Family members wants to accept it. But his heart says that Arjun is perfect to Vidhi. He thinks that Vidhi is deserved to go to Kanika’s house as daughter-in-law. Dev prays to god to help him to find out a solution. Meanwhile, Hariprasad family are praying to temple. They heard JCP sound and gets shocked to see it. Government officials asks the driver to start demolishing it. Hariprasad asks him to stop it. Government officials demands them to vacate their house or else they will demolish it.

Hariprasad says that he is going to demolish his house. How will he stay quiet. Government officials demands them to stop the drama and let him do his work. Everyone prays to god. Arjun and Amba comes there to stop them. Vidhi gets surprised to seem them there. Arjun says to him that they are not able to demolish this house because he got a stay order for it.

Arjun asks him to repair it as your wish but don’t dare to demolish it. He says to him that it’s illegal to threatening the residents. Amba assured to Hariprasad that they won’t touch their house. Hariprasad thank Amba for her help. She gives all credits to Arjun. Amba adds that she have contacts to him but he convinced him to get this stay order. Amba praised Arjun there. Vidhi thanks Arjun for his help. He says to her that she is his friend.

Episode end

Precap; Arjun will say to Vidhi that he want to say something to her. Vidhi will ask him to let her share her feelings first. Vidhi will share to him that she loves Dev Raichand. Arjun will get shocked to hear it. Later, Dev will pray God to help him to find out his feelings on Vidhi.

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