Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 11th January 2023 Written Update: Dev confessed her feelings to Vidhi

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 11th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev inquiring Vidhi about her health. Vidhi asks him to stop inquiring her about it reasoning Bimla is worried about her health. She is often saying one word. Take medicine and rest on time. He is also asking about it when they came out to spend time. He apologized to her. Vidhi asks him does she get a job in another company? Dev tells her that she is highly talented one. She is working hard for our company. It’s a lose to him to miss an employee like Vidhi. But he won’t force her to work in his company. He adds that people may be gossips about her but they are not able to hide her talents. She will definitely get a job for her talent. Vidhi tells him that his words are motivating her. Dev asks her to make sure her boss is a lady. Vidhi complaints that she praised him now but he changed his words. Dev tells her that he means, what if her new boss also falls in love with her like the way he did to her. Vidhi blushes hearing it.

Dev says to Vidhi that it’s hard for him to see her with another one. Vidhi tells him that he has feelings on him. Vidhi tells him that she is feeling bold and hope to unite with him when Bimla supports her. Dev says that she would have talked about their marriage with her like she did to him. Vidhi nods with him. Vidhi tells him that she isn’t understanding one thing. Bimla was also stubborn like dad then how did she changed her mind out of the blue? Dev tells her that he was also confused when he realises his feelings for her. He thought its impossible.

But now he is believing in his love. Soon, Hariprasad will also change his mind. Vidhi tells him it’s impossible. He is getting angry hearing his name itself. Dev assures her everything will be alright. He gets a courier. Dev tells her that his friend Arjun sent it for him. It’s his daughter wedding invitation. Vidhi reads the letter and says that his friend respecting him a lot. Doesn’t he has shame to attend his friend daughter wedding. Dev tells her he isn’t feeling ashamed. He asks her the same. Vidhi denies it reasoning she is happy he didn’t married yet like his other friends. She would have missed a person like him if he was married. She is also lucky.

Dev asks her to go with him as Mrs. Raichand. Only few people’s are left like her. He takes her to his mom’s room. He tells her that he feels relieve whenever he enters into this room. He introduced Vidhi to his mom’s photo frame. He says that she is a special girl in his life. She is also has a good heart like Satyavati. Dev tells her that this room is his everything. His heart is here. He is showing this to Vidhi now. She entered into his heart. He says I love you to Vidhi. She gets surprised to hear it. He adds that he got Vidhi in his life whom resembling like his mom. Vidhi says that she is lucky to get him in her life. He is a gift from Milapini mom. Dev asks her to close her eyes. He takes her from there.

She gets surprised to see the golgappe store in garden. She gets excited and asks him does he remembered about it? He nods with her. School bell rings childrence runs to them. He asks her to spend time with them. Vidhi hesitates to eat golgappe. Dev complaints that his Vidhi used to eat lots of golgappe but she isn’t like that now. He remembered that she quit eating it for him. He asks her to eat it reasoning he asked him to prepare it with quality items. Vidhi thank him for it. Later, Bimla worries how she will share it with Vidhi. Hariprasad noticed Vidhi returned to home though he pretends like inquiring her where she is? Bimla tells him she returned to home. She tells her that was happy with children. Hariprasad gets emotional remembering doctor’s word.

Episode end

Precap; Amba will ask Bimla what’s they are hiding from Vidhi. Bimla will confess the truth with her. She will pretend like worrying about Vidhi and leaves

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