Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 11th November 2022 Written Update: Vidhi confesses to Arjun

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 11th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hariprasad inviting Amba to drink coffee. She assures him to drink it another one day reasoning she has important work. Arjun thanks Amba. Arjun tells them that everything should be rearrange. Vidhi won’t do like that he wants to do it everything.

They arranged everything together. Urmila praised Arjun and says that he has powerful connections. Arjun tells her that he narrated their situation to him. He gave stay order to him. Meanwhile, Arjun tells her that Vidhi is giving water to her. He asks her to go for a coffee date with him. If she isn’t interested then he will take Bimla with him. Hariprasad gives permission to go out with him. Arjun asks Bimla to don’t busy herself just take rest. He will buy food for everyone there. Arjun takes Vidhi outside. Golden follows them behind.

Later, Arjun trying to confess his feelings to Vidhi. She says to him that she wanted to share something important to him. Dev reaches to Vidhi’s house and gets surprised to see the house condition. He inquired Hariprasad what happened? Hariprasad narrates to him everything.

Vidhi says to Arjun that if she don’t share this to him, than she won’t get another chance to talk about it. She was hiding it inside her. She fears that she will burst out someday. She requests him to don’t share it to anyone. She is considering him as her best friend. That is why she wants to share it with him. Dev asks Hariprasad why didn’t they informed about it him once? He would have solved this issue. Bimla says to him that Arjun solved his issues along with Amba. They goes out to drink coffee. Vidhi says to Arjun that she is in love with Dev.

Golden gets shocked to hear it. Dev prays god to show a path to him. Should he confess his feelings to Vidhi or not? Flower falls down on his hand as a positive sign. Arjun gets tears hearing it. Arjun tells her that nothing is wrong to love him. He advise her to stop doubting her love. He tells her that he is really proud of her. Vidhi thanks him for supporting her. She says to him that he is the best friend of her. Such a true friend. She isn’t hesitating much to confess her feelings for Dev to Arjun. But how she will confess her feelings to him. Vidhi asks him to leave her matter and say about him. He lies to her that he forgot the matter. Vidhi pays the bills for him.

Arjun asks her to wait outside he will come after using washroom. Arjun noticed Golden there. He demands her to don’t share this truth to anyone if she really considered him as a friend. Golden promises to him. She thinks that she will do anything for him because she loves him. Meanwhile, Arjun thinks that he would have reacted different if she confess her feelings for him. Vidhi shares to Arjun that she feels happy after confessed her feelings for him. Arjun advises her to confess her feelings to him asap. If she waste her time then someone will come to take that place. Vidhi thinks that he is right. He assures her to help her in it.

Vidhi shares to him that she doesn’t have class or background. Arjun tells her that class and background doesn’t have role in love. Vidhi says to him that he confessed her feelings for him because she is trusting Arjun. He is her close friend.

Episode end

Precap; Bimla will inform Vidhi that Dev came here to pray to god. It seems god chose a partner for him. Vidhi will question her how she is sure about it? Later, Dev will ask Vidhi doesn’t she tried to share something to him yesterday. Vidhi will hesitate to confess her feelings to him.

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