Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 12th November 2022 Written Update: Vidhi in a conundrum

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 12th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Urmila complaining to Golden that she went out without informing her. Golden lies to her that she had some office work. She thinks that she was hiding the truth for Arjun. Meanwhile, Vidhi shares with Arjun that she opened up her feelings to him because she is trusting him a lot. He won’t think anything bad for her. Dev inquires Hariprasad doesn’t they give any notice earlier? He shares with him that they came tp demolish their house out of the blue. Vidhi and Arjun reaches there.

Hariprasad says to Dev that Arjun saved them on right time. Arjun shares with Dev that he went to get sign from Amba. She helped him to get the stay order. Dev doubts what’s her role in it. Meanwhile, Kanika inquires Amba to share the reason behind this party. Amba says to her that Arjun helping others. Kanika says to her that Arjun has helping tendency. But Vidhi is his best friend. Amba suggests her to take Vidhi’s hands for him. Kanika reveals to her that she already discussed about it with Bimla. She gave hint to her that she will think about Arjun. Amba gets surprised to hear it.

Meanwhile, Dev excuses Hariprasad family. Bimla says to him that he didn’t eat anything. She asks him to eat kheer. He tells him that he has some important work. Arjun advise Vidhi to confess her feelings to Dev asap and leaves from there. Bimla says to Vidhi that Dev prayed in our temple. It seems god will bless him to get a new life partner. Vidhi asks him how she is sure about it. Bimla tells her that out god is powerful one. Later, Vidhi gives the Prasad to Dev. She remembers Arjun’s advise. Dev wishes to confess his feelings to her. He complaints to her that she didn’t inform him about her problems but Arjun helped her. Vidhi apologised to him. Dev gives loan to her to renovate the temple. Vidhi tries to deny it but Dev advise her to accept it. Or else they will be in trouble. Vidhi wishes to confess her feelings to him.

Vidhi confess her feelings to him. Dev lashes out at her in anger. She comes out of her dream. Dev asks her to say what’s bothering her? Vidhi tries to express her feelings to him. Abhimanyu comes there. Dev shares his idea with him. Vidhi tries to convince Dev. Dev is adamant to give loan to her. Vidhi shares with him that she is the elder daughter in her house. Hariprasad won’t use her money for anything. He has so much self respect in it. Dev apologize to her for his mistake. Abhimanyu says that Vidhi is magic. She made Dev apologize to her. Dev supports Vidhi there. Later, chithra comes there to meet Abhimanyu.

Chithra says to Abhimanyu that she is here for him but still she was disappointed. Abhimanyu says to her that he will definitely make him agree to marry Amba. Abhimanyu stops Vidhi and tells her that he needs her help. She wants to convince Dev in some important task. Vidhi says to him that she blabbered in tension on that day. Don’t take it seriously. He convinces her to help him. Vidhi agrees to help him. Abhimanyu asks Vidhi to convince Dev to marry Amba. Vidhi gets emotional hearing it. Abhimanyu pleads with her to do this help for her.

Not only him but everyone in his house wishes to see him getting married. Amba is a perfect partner for Dev. Everyone wish is to see them together but Dev isn’t accepting it. Abhimanyu adds that he believing in her. She might help him and leaves. Arjun asks Vidhi what happened to her? Arjun shares with Vidhi that Abhimanyu has a meeting outside. But Dev going instead of him. He wants to accompany him but she wants to go with Dev instead of him. He advise her to use this situation and confess her feelings to him.

Episode end

Precap; Abhimanyu will ask Vidhi to don’t forget about his deal with her. She wants to convince Dev to marry Amba. Meanwhile, Vidhi will question Bimla which one comes first in our life Sacrifice or love? Bimla will advise her that we sacrifice for our love

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