Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 13th September 2022 Written Update: Vidhi admires Dev

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 13th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi sharing with Dev that she saw new Dev sir today who is fun and enjoying with her. She is so happy to see this side of him. Dev tells her that she assured him to fulfill his childhood days cravings for one day. But she made it beautiful which he don’t forget this life long. He ate, drink a lot. She made his day. Vidhi shares with him that he trust her that’s why.

His all secrets will be safe with her. He says to her that he trusting her. He will share one more secrets with her. She gets nervous hearing it. He tells her that it’s one of office secret. He thanks her for made his day. She also thanked him for attending her party here. He gifts her new college admission letter. Vidhi thank him for the gift. She shares with him that she tried 4 times to clear that paper but she couldn’t. Because of his teaching she cleared it.

Dev tells her that she just wants to understand the subject. She is really talented one she can able to achieve anything. He gets a message from Amba. He replied to her to reach her function in 20 minutes. Dev motivated Vidhi to improve herself and never make others think her as a fool. Vidhi gets impressed by him. She tells him that he will record his words. Whenever she feels low he will hear his words to boost up herself. He agreed to her wish.

Bimla complaints to Hariprasad that his brother always give dialogue to us. He opens his mouth to eat or pass comments.
Bimla adds that Vidhi graduated and got a good job too. His brother didn’t appreciated her but instead cried inside. Atleast he didn’t buy a clip for her. She added that even Hariprasad didn’t buy anything for her yet. Hariprasad assured to give gift to her today.

Bimla adds that when husband taking care of his wife and childrens well. Wife will loves him a lot. She says I Love you to him. He gets surprised to hear it and mentions I love you too. She blushed hearing it. Later, Dev shares with Vidhi about the special offer in his office. Whom scoring well will get a chance to study abroad. Vidhi tells him that dad trying to perform her marriage. Dev says that he was talking about education but she bringing marriage topic.

Dev tells her that she can able to study after marriage too. Vidhi admired him while advising her. She immitate him while talking. She enjoys spending time with him. Dev thanked Vidhi for the fabulous party. He offers her to drop her in home but she assured him that she will go by herself. He tells her that his stomach and heart is full. He informs to Amba that he will reach to venue asap. He suddenly feels his stomach aching and asks driver to drive back to home.

Vidhi Checks the bangles and says it’s beautiful. Seema comes there and inquired her about the party? She shares with her that Dev Sir enjoyed the party a lot. He is so happy. Dev reaches to home. He asks his driver to pass his medicine box. He demands him to don’t share it with anyone that he is sick. Later, Vidhi returns to home and greets Urmila and her husband. She pretended like feel happy for her. Hariprasad says to them that she needs their blessings. Urmila says to her that Vidhi will help Golden to get a job.

Hariprasad asked photographer to take Vidhi’s graduation photi. Urmila disliked it and excused them reasoning she have many works to do in Beauty parlour. They takes photo together. He asks photographer to give a big frame. He wants to hang it on wall. He will be proud to show his daughter to others. Vidhi gets emotional and hugs him. Bimla thank God for making their day happy.

Dev thinks that he is still thinking himself as 20 years that’s why he ate so much. Now he is struggling. He feels happy reminding his moments with Vidhi. Later, Vidhi gives all credits to Dev for whatever good things happened in her life. Seema hears it.

Sathyavathi asks Dev to don’t go to office reasoning he is not well. He tells her that he took medicine. Sathyavathi tells him that he sacrifice his life for his siblings happiness it’s enough now. It’s time to take care of himself. She shares with him that she learnt of his deal with Priya. He tells her that he doesn’t have any other option to stop her. Amba comes there to meet Dev surprised him.

Episode end

Precap: Amba will take care of Dev. He ask her to stop wasting her time for him. Later Vidhi will miss Dev in office.

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