Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 14th November 2022 Written Update: Arjun motivates Vidhi

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 14th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi informing Arjun that Dev doesn’t like to discuss personal matters in official trip. Arjun asks her to stop thinking like that and hope for the best. Vidhi asks him what if he rejects her? Arjun asks her what if he accepts her? He is a vice person who understands everyone well. He asks her to try once believing in that god.

Vidhi asks him to share the file details to her. She wants to prepare for it. Arjun suggests her to dress up beautiful on her long trip to impress Dev. Arjun reminds her that he won’t eat anything until she confess her feelings to Dev. Vidhi questions him why he is fasting for her love? Arjun is adamant in his decision. Vidhi nods with him and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Vidhi is preparing for her meeting. Vidhi gets disturbed recollecting Abhimanyu’s words. She thinks why should she convince Dev to marry Amba? Vidhi remembers about Lens of objective. She thinks that Amba may be hurts her many times but she never did anything wrong to Dev. She loves Dev. She just wants to see him happy. She will supports him in every way.

Later, Abhimanyu calls Vidhi. She wakes up nervous and attends his call. He asks Vidhi to convince Dev to marry Amba at any cost. He asks her to update him what’s going on in that trip. Vidhi nods with him. Later, Dev noticed Abhimanyu doing prayer. Dev gets surprised to see him like that. Abhimanyu wishes best of luck to his project.

Vidhi lost in her words. Bimla asks her Does she argued with Arjun? She denies it. She asks Bimla what’s important in love? Sacrifice or love? Bimla answers her that sacrifice is also love. Later, Dev noticed Vidhi and inquires her what’s she doing here? Vidhi shares with him that Arjun wasn’t feeling good so she will accompany him for this presentation.

Nothing to worry she prepared for it. While going with Dev she doubts who to support either Arjun or Abhimanyu? Dev is confused about his feelings. Situation songs plays there. Vidhi gets a message from Abhimanyu. She thinks how she will open up to Dev in front of this driver. Later, Arjun misses Vidhi in the office and recollecting her memories of her. He prays to god that his heart broken don’t break Vidhi’s heart too.

Meanwhile, Dev asks Vidhi to tell him what’s she tried to share with him on that day. Meanwhile, Arjun refused to drink the coffee. Sangeetha asks him does he taking fasting? Golden takes his cofee. Arjun sends message to Vidhi. She about to lose her balance Dev holds her. She hesitated to reveal her feelings to Dev. He asks the driver to stop the car near by tea shop. Vidhi asks Dev doesn’t he prayed in front of vilamini god.

Her mom asked her does he planning to get married. Dev wishes to know about Vidhi’s feelings for him. Vidhi also feels the same. Chithra is nervous thinking about Dev’s decision? Later, Dev inquires Vidhi what’s she thinking about Arjun’s progress? She praised him. Dev wishes to eat something. Vidhi tells him that mom sent tiffin for him. Here, Chithra assures to Amba that Dev will agree to marry her.

Episode end

Precap; Dev will say to Vidhi that she was trying to say something to him. Vidhi will ask him to marry Venba reasoning his family members wish to see him getting married to her. Dev will get angry on her. Vidhi will tell him that she was hiding her feelings for him these many days because of his anger.

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