Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 14th September 2022 Written Update: Sathyavathi is on cloud nine

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 14th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi recollecting her moments with Dev. Vidhi feels strange when she often thinking about Dev. Meanwhile, Sathyavathi demands Dev to say the truth what happened to him? Why is he not calling doctor? Amba comes there taking Doctor there. She shares with Sathyavathi that she learnt from Chithra that he is sick. Sathyavathi appreciated her for bring doctors there. Dev apologize to her for not attending her housewarming function. Amba says to them that doctor will do his full body check up.

Meanwhile, Vidhi missed Dev in office. She mentions Sir without her knowledge. Everyone laughs at her. Kanika shares with Ananya that she might keep an eyes on her. She has super talent of day dreaming. She might add this talent in her bio. Ananya inquires Vidhi how was her party? Vidhi tells her that she will learn it in few minute. She heard Sangeetha shares with Ananya about Dev sir.

Doctor shares with Dev that he only have gastroble problems. If he take his blood test then he can able to understand further. Dev teased him to take remaining test too. Sathyavathi questions him what did he eat yesterday? Doctor tells her may it’s out of stress. Dev says that it’s because of stress pointing at Priya. Everyone stares Priya weirdly. She complaints to him it’s too much and leaves.

Vidhi wishes to call Dev once and dials to him. It’s not reachable. Meanwhile, Doctor asks Dev to take rest and leaves. Sathyavathi asks Dev to give his phone to her or else he will take extra tension. He gives it to her. Amba gives medicine to him. Dev tells her that she don’t need to waste her time for him. She tells her that he was awake when her dad hospitalized. He says to her that it’s different. Amba asks him to take care of himself. She will stay outside if he need anything call her.

Vidhi enters into Dev’s cabin. She imitates Dev sound there. She fears that he may be fired for feeding street food to him. Sangeetha comes there and inquired her what’s she doing here? She shares with her that she came here to meet sir. But he is not here so she wants leave. Sangeetha feels that she is behaving weirdly.

Later, Amba shares with Sathyavathi that she feels like she wants to ask something to her. Sathyavathi tells her it’s true. Amba gives permission to her. Sathyavathi inquired her doesn’t her age girls got married early. But she is taking care of her business. Amba shares with her that it’s not her wish to give importance to business but her circumstances forced her too. Sathyavathi shares with her that she is resembling Dev in this matter.

Sathyavathi shares with Amba that both Amba and Dev knew each other for many years. Dev is not dared to talk about his life matters. She tells her that she feels better if they married each other. Both were discussing with each other about it. Later, Vidhi inquired Sangeetha when will Dev return to office? She tells her that she doesn’t know. Vidhi overhead Kanika and Yogesh were discussing about Dev. She feels guilty for ruining his health.

Later, Abhimanyu praised Amba and Dev’s jodi. They will look good each other. Priya shares with them that Dev brings alliance for her when his brother fell in love with her. Sathyavathi asks her to don’t reveal this alliance matter to Dev. Priya threatens him her that Amba is handling business. If she do it then she will also leave from here. Later, Vidhi prays for Dev’s health.

Episode end

Precap; Vidhi will hallucinating Dev near her. Dev will take dinner with Amba. Later, Sangeetha will feel Vidhi behaving strange.

The episode starts with Vidhi sharing with Dev that she saw new Dev sir today who is fun and enjoying with her. She is so happy to see this side of him. Dev tells her that she assured him to fulfill his childhood days cravings for one day. But she made it beautiful which he don’t forget this life long. He ate, drink a lot. She made his day. Vidhi shares with him that he trust her that’s why.

His all secrets will be safe with her. He says to her that he trusting her. He will share one more secrets with her. She gets nervous hearing it. He tells her that it’s one of office secret. He thanks her for made his day. She also thanked him for attending her party here. He gifts her new college admission letter. Vidhi thank him for the gift. She shares with him that she tried 4 times to clear that paper but she couldn’t. Because of his teaching she cleared it.

Dev tells her that she just wants to understand the subject. She is really talented one she can able to achieve anything. He gets a message from Amba. He replied to her to reach her function in 20 minutes. Dev motivated Vidhi to improve herself and never make others think her as a fool. Vidhi gets impressed by him. She tells him that he will record his words. Whenever she feels low he will hear his words to boost up herself. He agreed to her wish.

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