Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15th November 2022 Written Update: Dev lashes out at Vidhi

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev and Vidhi giving the order to the waiter. Vidhi tells him that mom sent good for him. Dev gets surprised to see the items. She advise him to don’t take outside food a lot. It will ruin his health. Dev praises Bimla’s cooking taste. Vidhi tells him that her mom is expert in everything. Dev says to her they are out so let’s talks about our personal life. Vidhi asks him how many years completed in Priya and Abhimanyu wedding? Does it love or arrange marriage? Dev tells her that Abhimanyu said to him that he had feelings on Priya so he fixed his marriage with her. Vidhi gets a phone call from Abhimanyu.

Dev insists Vidhi to share what’s in her mind? Dev helps her to wash her hand. She asks him to marry. Dev asks her whom should he marry? Vidhi is nervous hearing it. Abhimanyu calling her. Dev asks her to answer him. Vidhi asks him to marry Amba. Dev gets shocked to hear it. He asks her does she aware what’s she doing? Why she is doing it? Vidhi says to him it’s right thing. Everyone in his family members were worrying about him. Abhimanyu and Chithra wants to see him getting married to Amba. Waiter gives the bill to them.

Vidhi says to Dev that they are out. It’s not wrong to discuss personal matters here. Dev asks her to help him wash his hand. Vidhi nods to him. She says to him that Amba is perfect match to him. He might marry her. She is a equal class of him. Dev asks her to let him talk. Why she is bringing this topic here? There is no class in marriage. Why she is trying to convince him to marry Amba. Vidhi says to him that he is scaring her like that always. Dev complaints that she should talk like that to him. Whom ask her to convince him to marry Amba.

Vidhi refused to reveal the reason to him. Dev asks her why she is behind him? Vidhi complaints that he built a wall around his heart. He isn’t showing his love to anyone. He was hiding his feelings from others. Meanwhile, Arjun prays god to unite Vidhi and Dev. He is not able to get her in his life. At least he wants to see her get a happy life.

Vidhi says to Dev that everyone wants to see him getting married. He was not allowing anyone to suggest anything in his life. Abhimanyu worrying about his life. Dev tells her that he finds out their plan. She has a good deal with Abhimanyu it seems. That is why he cancelled his board meeting and send her with him. Vidhi says to him that Amba is right to him. Why don’t he marry her? Vidhi tells him that he won’t allow others to talk with him.

Dev asks her doesn’t she troubling him with her talks? Vidhi complaints that he is getting angry on her. He won’t allow anyone to share what’s inside their heart due to his anger. She wants to confess this truth to him but she couldn’t because of his anger. She confessed to him that she has feelings on him. He loves him. Dev gets surprised to hear it. Vidhi walks away from there to wash her face. He gives towel to her. Both stares each other.

Vidhi says to Dev that she wants to make him convince to marry Amba but ended up confessing her feelings to him. His family members were worrying about him. She did a mistake. Vidhi tells him that they are getting late for the meeting. Dev cancelled the meeting. Vidhi says to him that according to him duty is first. He cancelled his meeting for her sake. Dev tells her lets go back to home. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu is waiting for Vidhi’s call. Vidhi gets nervous thinking about the incident. Abhimanyu calls her and he misunderstands the situation there that Dev agreed to marry Amba. Abhimanyu asks Chithra to take take Amba to home.

Episode end

Precap: Vidhi will open up her feelings to him and ask him to say does he have any feelings on her.

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