Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15th September 2022 Written Update: Dev gets furious

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hariprasad admiring Vidhi’s graduation photo. He shares with Bimla that she is the frst graduated person in our family. Everyone might see this picture. Seema tells him that she will become a doctor and take a picture like this. Everyone will be proud of her too.

Vidhi tells her that she shouldn’t be proud of it. Sometimes we thinks that we done something foolish and imagine it as good one. Family members gets confused to hear it. Vidhi shares with mom it’s looking good. Later, Dev attending one conference call. Sathyavathi asks him what’s this? Dev shares with her that she stopped him from go to office. That’s why he is doing work from home. She makes sure that he is feeling better.

Bimla tells her that Dev fell sick because he ate street food. She didn’t feed it to him. Vidhi adds that she may be didn’t feed him but she showed that place to him. She is the reason behind his state. Meanwhile, Sathyavathi demands Dev to take dinner with Amba she promised to her. He shouldn’t back off from his words. If he deny it then Chithra’s in law’s will misunderstand them. He nods with her.

Later, Bimla ask him what’s he doing? She inquires him will he allow Vidhi to study further? Hariprasad says to her already Vidhi lost two years while completing this course. If she study further then they might search a person who studied a lot then her. They might allow her to work.
She questions him then what’s the need to check this admission form? He tells her this form Dev’s trust on Vidhi. Doesn’t she remember how Dev supported her when groom family insulted Vidhi. Bimla gives some thought to him.

Vidhi refuses to drink tea. Vidhi noticed Dev there. She thinks that she started hallucinating him near her. Sangeetha tells her he is real coming towards them. Vidhi inquired Dev about his health and apologized to him. Dev cleared with her that it’s not her mistake. He should have careful what to eat or not? He asks her what’s her decision doing MBA. She tells him that she will think about it. Sangeetha shares with him that she won’t eat till his health gets better. He clears with her that he is alright she can eat something.

Dev reaches to resturant. He asks the waiter to book big table reasoning his family wants to take dinner together. He informs her that Priya informed to them that only two person will attend it. Amba comes there surprising. He inquires her about Chithra and her husband. She teased him. Vidhi asks Sangeetha to contact Dev sir and inquire his whereabouts? She needs his sign in an important agreement. She asks Vidhi to contact him by herself. Vidhi tells her that line not connected. She calls Dev and talks with him. He shares with her that he is in one meeting. He will reach office late. Vidhi gets worried about Dev. Sangeetha tells her that she is behaving weirdly. Vidhi excuses her and leaves.

Dev gets bored near Amba. Kanika and her son Arjun comes there. He greets them and asks them to join with them. They gives space to Amba and Dev. Meanwhile Vidhi refuses to eat lunch and worried about Dev. Sangeetha asks her what’s going on in her mind? Is she fall in love with Dev? She denied it reasoning he is her Sir. She respecting him a lot. Meanwhile, Amba discussed with Dev about their marriage but he seems not interested. Amba says to him that he is sacrificing hid life for his family happiness. Dev tells her that he don’t like someone taking his family matters. They are his life and happiness. He excuses her and leaves. Later, Vidhi gets confused about her feelings.

Episode end

Precap; Vidhi will ask her mom When she realised her love for Hariprasad? She will share with her she understood it slowly

The episode starts with Vidhi recollecting her moments with Dev. Vidhi feels strange when she often thinking about Dev. Meanwhile, Sathyavathi demands Dev to say the truth what happened to him? Why is he not calling doctor? Amba comes there taking Doctor there. She shares with Sathyavathi that she learnt from Chithra that he is sick. Sathyavathi appreciated her for bring doctors there. Dev apologize to her for not attending her housewarming function. Amba says to them that doctor will do his full body check up.

Meanwhile, Vidhi missed Dev in office. She mentions Sir without her knowledge. Everyone laughs at her. Kanika shares with Ananya that she might keep an eyes on her. She has super talent of day dreaming. She might add this talent in her bio. Ananya inquires Vidhi how was her party? Vidhi tells her that she will learn it in few minute. She heard Sangeetha shares with Ananya about Dev sir.

Doctor shares with Dev that he only have gastroble problems. If he take his blood test then he can able to understand further. Dev teased him to take remaining test too. Sathyavathi questions him what did he eat yesterday? Doctor tells her may it’s out of stress. Dev says that it’s because of stress pointing at Priya. Everyone stares Priya weirdly. She complaints to him it’s too much and leaves.

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