Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 16th January 2023 Written Update: A shocker for Dev

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 16th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev appreciating Satyavati for cooked delicious dinner for him. He notices that his mom looking dull. She tells him that she wants to share something with him. Dev says that she may be worried about Chithra. Satyavati tells him that he shouldn’t marry Vidhi. She isn’t interested in this alliance. Dev says that Hariprasad refuses to accept his relationship with Vidhi. He even slapped him in anger. Satyavati didn’t do anything on that time. But she is backing off out of the blue. Satyavati says that Vidhi is going to die. She has some rare disease. Dev gets shocked to hear it.

Later, Hariprasad and Bimla notices Urmila reaches there. He asks her what happened? They came in late night? Urmila and Pramod inquires them about Vidhi’s health. They shares with Hariprasad that they wants to do something to make her happy. Meanwhile, Dev isn’t ready to believe Satyavati’s words. He says that he met Vidhi today in her house. He pretended to be a contractor there. She was happy there. Satyavati adds that she won’t survive more than three months. Dev isn’t ready to believe her. He says that she is lie to him. Vidhi didn’t said anything to him. Satyavati adds that they didn’t said anything to Vidhi. Dev asks her then how did she find it? Amba comes there and tells him that she said it to her. Meanwhile, Pramod gives amount to Hariprasad to celebrate Milapini Devi’s prakat Diwas for Vidhi’s happiness. Hariprasad gets emotional hearing it.

Dev says to Satyavati that he won’t believe Amba. She only know to lie. He won’t believe her. Amba says to him it’s not a lie. If he don’t believe her then he is able to confirm it with the doctor. She calls the doctor from his mobile. Dev confirms it with the doctor that Vidhi is sick. Satyavati asks him to confirm it with Hariprasad and Bimla if he doubt him. They won’t lie to him. They didn’t share anything with Vidhi yet. Dev gets shocked to hear it. Dev closes the door on their face. Satyavati and Amba are knocking on the door. Dev lost in his past memories. Dev thinks that they are lying to him. Something is wrong. Vidhi is a very good girl. She is a innocent soul. How will god give such pain to her. Dev takes the shirt in his hand which gifted by Vidhi. He cries his heart out.

Amba suggests Satyavati to leave Dev alone for few minutes. He needs time. Meanwhile, Dev contacts the specialist in foreign and shares the situation with him. He gives a hope to him. Later, Amba gives snacks to Amba. She tries to use that situation to convince Satyavati. Amba adds that Satyavati thinking her love on Dev is a obsession. She even accepted Vidhi and Dev’s relationship for Dev’s happiness. She isn’t able to see Dev in such state. She tries to convince her to stop the wedding. She adds that Dev will be in pain lifelong if he married to her. She provokes her against Vidhi.

Dev searching about the rare disease to find a way to protect her. Meanwhile, Hariprasad family arranging everything for Milapini Devi’s prakat Diwas. Vidhi feels dizzy there. Everyone gets shocked to see it. Golden says that she is getting dizzy due to medicine. Vidhi also agree with her point and says that she don’t need it. Later, Satyavati asks Dev to open the door. Dev opens the door and tells her that he wants to take care of Vidhi. Abhimanyu will handle the business. Satyavati tries to convince Dev but he is adamant in his decision.

Episode end

Precap; Vidhi will be fainted in Milapini Devi’s prakat Diwas. Hariprasad and Bimla will be shocked to see it. Dev will hold her on time. Dev will kneel down in front of Hariprasad and ask him to give her hands with him.

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