Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 16th September 2022 Written Update: Vidhi prays to god

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 16th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi talking with herself. She thinks that everyone likes Dev sir. It doesn’t mean everyone were in love with him. Even Sangeetha likes him. She is confused with her feelings on Dev. She prays god to give a clarity to her. She is aware that God is taking rest in this time.

She shouldn’t disturb her but she needs her help to realise what’s she feeling for Dev. Mini noticed that Vidhi praying in temple. Vidhi reminds Amba’s words and the time she spend with Dev. Vidhi shares with Vidhi that she don’t realise anything it means she doesn’t have any feelings on him. She about to leave flower falls down from from God’s hand. Vidhi thinks that she doesn’t understand what’s love?

Vidhi asks Bimla what’s love? When she fell in love with Hariprasad? When she realised it that she was in love with him? Bimla tells her that it’s not a thing to express in words. Bimla says to her they build trust each other and slowly falls in love with each other. Vidhi reminds Dev’s words and smiles. Hariprasad asks Bimla to give tea to him. Vidhi asks her to say more about it? She tells her that cinema is over showing it.

Bimla questions her why is she asking this to her? Vidhi lies to her as nothing. Later, Bimla asks Hariprasad to search a guy for Vidhi. He asks her doesn’t she asked him to think about MBA. She says to him let’s do it after finding a guy for her. Later, Priya asks Amba Is she asked her to inquire about her dream? Amba asks her to choose anyone of this option?

Priya shares with her that she wouldn’t have asked this to her because she is aware ladies in Raichand’s house go out for work. Amba asks her to stop thinking about it all and choose anyone. She can go to office and come back at any time. She can able to work from home too. She takes job satisfaction board. She thank her. Priya asks her what’s in another one cover? She asks her to open it? She finds keep dreaming board in it.

Later Hariprasad flirts with Bimla and helps her to sweep thr floor. Vidhi noticed it and reminds the way Hariprasad cleaned the floor in his office. She gets emotional. Bimla asks Hariprasad to stop it and tells him when it comes to work there is no small or big things. His brother comes there and teach them how to sweep the floor.

Seema says to him that chacha always doing this work so he is experienced in it. He is the one doing vessels washing too. Everyone laughs at him. Vidhi says to him it’s not a wrong thing to do the household works. Urmila is taking care of beauty parlour so he is taking care of household work. Bimla says that it’s clearly showing his love for Urmila.

Later, Dev welcomes Arjun to his office. He thank him for welcomed him to his office. Vidhi trying to see Dev. Sangeetha tells her that she can’t able to see her from here. If she go inside then she can able to greet him and inquire about his health. She denied it. Later, Hariprasad discussed with Kallu about Vidhi’s marriage. He asks him to let her do MBA. He nods with him. Arjun says with Dev that he is ready to work here. Kanika demands him to don’t reveal his identity to others. He doesn’t get any special treatment here. He assured to him.

Dev calls Vidhi to his cabin. She shares with Sangeetha about it. She teases her but Vidhi asks her to stop bringing love matter to confuse her. Dev keeps talking with Vidhi but she is lost in him. Arjun asks Dev to arrange one more person to explain him reasoning she is day dreaming here. Vidhi assured to help him and demands him to give respect to elders or seniors. She suggests a new idea to Dev which impressed him. Arjun thinks that she is a intersting character. Vidhi shows the cabin to him. Arjun hugs her but she pushed him away.

Episode end.

The episode starts with Hariprasad admiring Vidhi’s graduation photo. He shares with Bimla that she is the frst graduated person in our family. Everyone might see this picture. Seema tells him that she will become a doctor and take a picture like this. Everyone will be proud of her too.

Vidhi tells her that she shouldn’t be proud of it. Sometimes we thinks that we done something foolish and imagine it as good one. Family members gets confused to hear it. Vidhi shares with mom it’s looking good. Later, Dev attending one conference call. Sathyavathi asks him what’s this? Dev shares with her that she stopped him from go to office. That’s why he is doing work from home. She makes sure that he is feeling better.

Bimla tells her that Dev fell sick because he ate street food. She didn’t feed it to him. Vidhi adds that she may be didn’t feed him but she showed that place to him. She is the reason behind his state. Meanwhile, Sathyavathi demands Dev to take dinner with Amba she promised to her. He shouldn’t back off from his words. If he deny it then Chithra’s in law’s will misunderstand them. He nods with her.

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