Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 17th January 2023 Written Update: Dev’s firm decision

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 17th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Satyavati pleading with Dev to open the door. Dev opens the door for her. He informs her that he decided to keep Vidhi close with him and give the proper treatment to her. Satyavati tells him that she isn’t able to see him in pain. Don’t marry her. Dev is adamant in his decision. He tells her that Abhimanyu will take care of the business. Meanwhile, Vidhi gets happy to see the decorations in the Milapini mom temple. Bimla suggests everyone to get ready. Dev tries to contact doctor Vineeth. But staff informs him that he isn’t coming to the hospital for last two days.

Vidhi prays god to cure her her asap. She isn’t able to see her family’s pain. She wants to help them. Hariprasad and Urmila are praying God to cure Vidhi asap. She wants to live more days. Bimla isn’t allowing Vidhi to take a round around the temple. Vidhi is adamant to do it. She faints down. Dev holds her on time. Vidhi gains the concious. Hariprasad asks him why he is here? Dev tells him that he wants to talk with everyone. They might listen him. He sits on his kneel and about to say. Satyavati stops him. Dev asks Hariprasad to give Vidhi’s hand for him. He wants to marry her today itself. Vidhi gets surprised to hear it. Hariprasad takes Dev from there.

Dev reveals to Hariprasad that he is aware of Vidhi’s disease. He asks him to give permission to his wedding. Hariprasad apologize to him for insulted him a lot. He says that he regrets his deeds. Hariprasad tells him that she won’t survive more days. Dev tells him that he wants to make her happy for her remaining days. He will try his best to extend her life time. Vidhi gets nervous seeing Hariprasad talking with Dev alone. She says to Bimla that dad already sick. What if he falls sick again. Bimla asks her to don’t be panic she is already sick. Satyavati consoles Vidhi.

Dev asks Hariprasad doesn’t he wants to see Vidhi’s happiness. This wedding will give more happiness to him. Hariprasad thank him for his care on Vidhi. Bimla is right he is a perfect one for her. Dev says that he is contacting many doctors for Vidhi. He will take her to abroad for further treatment. He is trying to reach Vineeth but he isn’t attending his call. He will give the all necessary treatment to her.

He will go any extreme to save Vidhi and keep her close with him. He wants to make her happy. Dev asks him to get ready for Kanyadan. Hariprasad tells him that he wants to discuss with Bimla about it. Dev says that it’s danger for Vidhi to waste each minutes. Hariprasad asks him to give one day time to him to think. He doesn’t want to make Vidhi worry about it. Dev assures him. Later, Hariprasad and Dev comes out. Vidhi gets nervous seeing him.

Dev shares with everyone that Hariprasad will give his decision in one day. He asks him to give a nod to him or else he will take another decision. Amba is targetting Vidhi properly. Priya appreciates Amba for her plan. She asks her will they get caught? Amba tells her that she hide the doctor. No one will find it.

Priya says that it’s better she is going to marry him. She isn’t able to imagine Vidhi in her house. Amba hurts her hand. Meanwhile, Dev tries to contact Vineeth. But he is not reachable. Satyavati tells him she isn’t able to see it anymore. She will reveal the truth to Vidhi. Dev swears on him. She asks him when will they reveal it to her. He asks her why didn’t she reveal the truth to dad when he was sick. She turns silent after hearing it. Dev tells her that he wants to make her happy for remaining days. Meanwhile, Pramod and Bimla are trying to convince Hariprasad for Vidhi and Dev marriage.

Episode end

Precap; Dev will take bangles in his hand. He will ask Vidhi will she wear this bangles in front of Milapini mom. It’s considering as he married to her. Vidhi will try to convince him that she needs her dad permission. Dev will make her wear the bangles.

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