Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 18th January 2023 Written Update: Dev swoon-worthy Gesture

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 18th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bimla sharing with Hariprasad it may be Milapini Devi’s wish too. Let’s give a nod to this marriage. Vidhi’s life and happiness is important to us. Vidhi is walking to and forth in her room. Seema asks her stop worrying about it. She asks her to think in a positive way. What if he give a nod to her. Vidhi thinks that she is right. Dev asked 24 hours to him. Hariprasad didn’t reacted to it yet. It seems there is a chance to give a nod to this marriage. She gets excited about her marriage. Seema gets emotional and tells her that she will leave with Dev after her wedding. Vidhi hugs her.

Hariprasad is doing a pooja in the temple. Vidhi prays god to convince her dad to give a nod to this marriage. Hariprasad calls Vidhi there. Urmila asks Bimla will he reveal the truth to Vidhi today? Bimla asks her to calm down. Hariprasad says to Vidhi that he is her father. A father used to guide their childrence. He will try his best to give a better life to them. He is angry with her for what she did. But he isn’t hating her. Her happiness is important to him. He is doing everything for her good. He says to her that he will do anything for her happiness. She wants to keep this in her mind that he will be with her every time. Her happiness is important to him. Vidhi is on cloud nine. She feels dizzy. Hariprasad hugs her. He tells her that he will give his answer in 24 hours.

Vidhi is excited thinking about Hariprasad’s word. He mentioned her name after few days. It seems he will give a nod to her marriage. Vidhi calls Dev and shares her happiness with him. She narrates to him what happened today. She tells him that she hopes dad will take a good decision in their matter. Let’s hope for the best. Meanwhile, Hariprasad shares his grief with Dev. God gifted her to him but he is trying to snatch her from them. Bimla asks Dev to share this truth with Vidhi. She apologized to him for troubling him. She adds that they don’t have enough guts to share this matter with her. Dev calls Vidhi.

Dev calls Vidhi. He tries to inform her about her disease. He tells her that she motivated Abhimanyu with her stories. He wants to motivate her too. Dev takes the bangles from Milapini Devi’s temple. He says to her that he wants to marry her so she wants to wear this bangles. Vidhi tells him that she will accept her father decision. She will listens to it. Dev forcefully makes Vidhi wears the bangles. Vidhi worries about her dad decision. Hariprasad tells her that he agrees to her marriage. Vidhi on cloud nine after hearing it. She hugs him in happiness.

Hariprasad says that he is her dad. He doesn’t want to see her end up in any trouble. But he understands that her happiness is Dev. He doesn’t want to snatch that happiness from her. He apologized to her for troubled her a lot. Vidhi notices the sadness in her happiness face. She asks them did they hiding anything from her? They denied it. Vidhi shares her happiness with Dev. Meanwhile, Priya trying to convince Satyavati and provokes her against Vidhi. Abhimanyu asks her to stop it. He is with Dev. Satyavati says that she Isn’t with Dev in this matter.

Episode end

Precap; Dev will inform Satyavati that Vidhi will come here to take her blessings. Satyavati will tell him that he want to stop calling her as mom if he do it. Later, Dev will clear with her that he wants to support her. He will clear his motive with her

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