Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 19th January 2023 Written Update: Satyavati fears the worst

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 19th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Priya complaining to Satyavati that she is listening to Dev in all situations. But he isn’t giving heed to her words. Why is he behaving like Romeo at this age? How could he try to marry that middle-class Vidhi? Abhimanyu asks her to stop it. They will support Dev’s decision. Satyavati tells him that she is against it. She complained to him that Dev would remain alone for a long life. Abhimanyu tells her that Dev loves Vidhi. It’s his decision whether to marry her or not? Satyavati asks him how he will lead his life after her death. Dev will remain alone in his life. Satyavati refuses to accept their relationship. Priya was happy to hear it.

Vidhi shares with Dev that she wants to take Satyavati’s blessing after marriage. He tries to convince her to marry him. Vidhi is adamant about her decision. Vidhi asks them if they are hiding something from her. Dev tells her nothing like that. He was waiting to marry her. He convinces Vidhi to accept his decision. Meanwhile, Dev tries to contact Vineeth Agarwal. He is not reachable. He talks with the hospital Dean to reach him. But he gave a suspicious answer to him. Dev gets frustrated and shouts in anger. He asks god to help him find a way to solve this issue. He wants to help Vidhi. Dev remembers Amba’s words and grows suspicious. Later, Priya shares with Satyavati. It seems Dev will bring Vidhi home as his wife. Dev returns home. Satyavati inquires Dev. Didn’t he inform Vidhi about her disease? He denies it. Satyavati asks him. Doesn’t he refuse to marry her? Dev tells her that he will bring Vidhi to this house. He will marry her asap. Satyavati is disappointed to hear about it.

Dev told her that he had already decided. Priya says to Dev that Vidhi is a lower middle-class girl. She will die asap. Dev insults Priya. Abhimanyu says to Dev that he is with him. He will support him in all decisions. Priya threatened him to break up the relationship with them after she came to this house. Satyavati says to Dev that she won’t support him in this decision. She won’t stop him from helping her. But he shouldn’t marry her. Meanwhile, Vidhi is happy to see the red bangles on her hand. Hariprasad shares her grief with Bimla. Satyavati asks Dev to love Vidhi and be with her in every situation. She pleads with him not to marry her. She isn’t able to see him in pain. Satyavati cries her heart out. Priya complained that he made her cry. Dev says to Satyavati that he has decided to marry Vidhi. Satyavati asks him to marry Vidhi as he wished, but he wants to stop mentioning her as a mom.

Priya informs Amba that Dev is adamant about marrying Vidhi. He isn’t listening to anyone yet. Vidhi is in wonderland about marrying Dev. Amba disconnects the call. She gets frustrated hearing it. She is determined to stop this wedding. Meanwhile, Bimla shares with Hariprasad that he shouldn’t take much stress. He isn’t alright yet. Hariprasad says to Bimla that he wants to reveal the truth to Vidhi. He fears that Vidhi will misunderstand them. Bimla tries to convince him. Dev cleared his intentions to Satyavati.

Later, Vidhi is dancing with Seema in happiness. Amba reaches there taking doctor. Amba says to Vidhi that the family members are trying to hide the truth from her. She will help them to reduce their pain. The doctor reveals the truth to Vidhi.

Episode end

Precap; Vidhi will be heart broken after learn the truth. Amba will tell her she isn’t alone. She will support her. She will ask Vidhi if she died how will Dev lead his remaining life alone? Vidhi will demand Dev to marry Amba for her happiness.

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