Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 20th January 2023 Written Update: Vidhi requests Dev to marry Amba

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 20th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Amba saying to Vidhi that she wants to inform her about an important thing about her. Vidhi’s parents are hesitating to reveal it to her. That is why she brought the doctor here to inform her. Vidhi asks them what she is saying? Hariprasad tries to interrupt Amba. Amba tells him that she might learn this. He will make sure that he explains it to her well.

The doctor tells Vidhi that her parents love her a lot. She wants to cooperate with the treatment. This is a rare disease. There is no treatment for it. Vidhi remembers the way her family treated her. She gets hurt when hearing it. Vidhi tells her that she doesn’t want to hear it. Amba tells her that she loves Dev. Though she accepted his relationship with Vidhi because it’s her fate. Vidhi wants to accept it too. She has only three months left. Vidhi was shattered. She walks away from there, ignoring everyone.

Amba stops her parents following Vidhi. She tells them that the doctor is the best counselor. He will make her understand everything. Amba smirks at them. Amba asks the doctor to wait outside and goes to Vidhi. Amba apologizes to Vidhi. She is able to understand her pain. Vidhi is going to live for a few days. It’s hard to accept this truth. Amba tells her what’s hurting her most is that people will die in it. Both Vidhi and Dev
will be affected by it. He will die out of guilt
She is well aware of their relationship. She is everything to him.

Dev won’t sit quiet. If Vidhi gets married to him. She may be happy with him. But Dev will remain alone his whole life. Even Dev will end his life with Vidhi. Vidhi gets shocked to hear it. It’s not pure love. Love means giving happiness to our loved one. She usually hears one word often. They want to marry the person who loves us. Who is ready to sacrifice their life? Amba asks her to think about Dev’s happiness. Amba leaves from there.

Vidhi remembers Dev’s words and cries. Meanwhile, Hariprasad and Bimla are knocking on the door. They are pleading with her to open the door. Dev comes there and learns from them. Vidhi comes to know the truth. He asks her to open the door. Everyone is shocked to see her appearance. Vidhi says that she is going to die.

Everyone is aware of this matter. Though they hide it from her. They give fake hope and happiness to her because she is going to die. Vidhi asks her mom why didn’t she reveal the truth to her? Vidhi says that she thinks there are no secrets between her. At least she would have cried or laughed genuinely with her. Vidhi adds that Hariprasad was angry with her. Though he agreed to perform her wedding with Dev. She doesn’t know he loves her a lot. Vidhi shares her grief with Hariprasad. He gets emotional hearing it.

Vidhi says to Urmila that she made her fool. She noticed the changes in her face. She waited for her love but she gave it when she was going to die. Urmila gets emotional hearing it. Vidhi says that Pramod hides his pain in her. She adds that she doesn’t want to talk with Seema and Golden because she considers them as her sisters. Hariprasad tells her that they are not able to share this truth with her. Vidhi asks Dev why he didn’t say it to her. Doesn’t he love her? Dev says to her that he is not able to see her in tears. Vidhi tells him that she is giving him pain. She doesn’t want to give that pain to him lifelong. She isn’t a selfish person to give such pain to him. She doesn’t want to marry him. Dev assures her that let’s go out for further treatment. Vidhi lost her hope. Vidhi asks him to marry Amba for her sake.

Episode end

Precap; Dev will ask Amba to marry him today reasoning Vidhi don’t have enough time. Amba will get happy to hear it. Later, Dev will bring Amba to Vidhi’s house. Satyavati and Abhimanyu will reach there

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