Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 20th September 2022 Written Update: Vidhi helps Dev

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 20th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Goon stops Vidhi and inquires her why is she here? It’s private property. Strangers are not allowed here. She shares with him that her dog Rocky sneaked into their house. Goons assures her to return Rocky to her but she might stay there. She nods with him. Later, Dev noticed goons are forcing children to work.

Dev records it in his phone. He asks Vidhi to stay here until he comes back. He asks her doesn’t she trust him? She nods to him. Goons surrounded Vidhi and inquires her what’s she doing here? Vidhi shares with them that she lost her dog. It’s entered into their house mistakely. Goons notices Dev there and question him too? He lies to him the same. They tries to attack them but Dev stop them. Dev whistle there dog runs to them. Dev pretends like asking Vidhi to learn how to whistle.

Vidhi assured him that she will learn it. Dev shares with them that he is a broker. He will supply labours to factory. He just needs commission for it. He have small and elder labours too. Goons suspects him and asks his henchman to check them. Whether he have any hidden camera or not? Dog not allow them to come near them. Dev lies to them that Rocky is Vidhi’s dog. They inquired him who is she to him? He lies to them that he is her uncle.

Vidhi blabber to them that Rocky is her uncle and Dev is her husband. Goons gets confused after hearing it. Dev clears to them that she was scared. Goons adds that Vidhi said Rocky is her dog then why is she scared of it. Dev tells them that she is scared of goons not dog. Doesn’t they looking rough and tough. He makes Vidhi touch the dog and caress it. Vidhi feels comfortable near it. She thinks that Dog wishes to talk with her and be a friend of him. That’s why he barks at her not scared her.

Dev signals Vidhi to hug the dog. Vidhi misunderstood it and hugs Dev. She thank him for helping her. He asks her to hug Rocky instead of him. She hugs the dog. Goons asks Dev Does he have child labours in his hand? He nods to him. Dev goes with them. Kanika calls him but Vidhi switched off the phone. Kanika fears that Dev complaint agains them in police station! Yogesh asks her to shit up. Dev talks with goons. Vidhi gets shocked to see child’s pleading with her not to beat them. Vidhi assured them that she won’t beat them but save.

Vidhi assured them to help children to go out of this factory. She asks kids to be friend with Rocky. Dev gives an offer to goons to change their life. He offers job to them. They teases him. Dev reveals his identity to them. Goons decided to kidnap him reasoning he is a rich person. Dev complaints that they are again thinking cheap. Dev fights with goons. Vidhi beats them to help Dev. Police comes there and arrest goons. Dev assures children to let them stay in Bal Ghar.

Security praises Vidhi for be a friend with Rocky. Dev noticed Vidhi is not scared of dog anymore. Vidhi thanks him. Dev asks Vidhi to take care of kids and about to leave. Vidhi stops him and shares with him that he might meet the kids when they reach here. Dev denies it reasoning his family members doesn’t know about it. Vidhi asks him to open up about it to his family members. They won’t stop him. She advised to him. Dev assured to spend time with kids next time.

Episode end

Precap: Sathyavathi will notice Dev and Vidhi’s photo in newspapers. Urmila will create a scene in Vidhi’s house after the news come out? Dev will stop Sathyavathi and tell her he wanna share something to her.

The episode starts with Vidhi checking the old files and gets suspicious. Kanika pretends to be a boss to her son and whispering to him that he might keep his eyes on Vidhi. He assures her that he will do his best. Arjun gives chocolate to Vidhi and asks her to taste. She refused to eat it reasoning she don’t like chocolates. He requested her to eat it.

Meanwhile, Dev shares with Kanika and Yogesh that he decided to give some responsible to him. Yogesh denied it reasoning he might learn as an intern. He wants to learn the importance of his position. If they give special treatment to him then other interns will feel bad. Later, Vidhi is checking the old manufacturing file. Arjun inquired her what’s it? She shares with him that she was checking the old manufacturing project.

She finds many unbalanced accounts in it. She tried to inform this to Yogesh but he disconnected the call. Arjun shares with her that he doesn’t like his attitude. Vidhi shares with him that he shouldn’t think like that. She might think about their positions too. They were busy in dealing their own project and keeping an eye on staffs. They wants to give respect to our senior staffs.

Dev comes there and appreciated her. Dev greeted Arjun. Vidhi asks him to give respect to him. Dev tells him that only Vidhi can able to teach the business ethics to him. Vidhi admires him and failed to listen what he mentioned to her. She asks herself to control and focus on work. Later, Priya apologize to Sathyavathi for her deeds. She pretended to be innocent there. Sathyavathi demands Abhimanyu to treat her well. She takes her permission to go out. She thinks that it’s better to act like this to them. Later, Yogesh and Kanika are discussing about the old manufacturing project. Yogesh says to her that they schemed high amounts in thar project. Kanika fears to get caught.

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