Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Amba challenges Dev

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 23rd January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev questioning Amba for plotting against Vidhi. He asks her, doesn’t she have shame to do that? He cleared with her that he didn’t have feelings on her. He won’t love her. She broke everyone’s trust today. He won’t forgive her. Vidhi says to Amba that she didn’t realise how much her parents went through after hearing this news. She broke their trust in her. They trusted her more than Dev.

She shouldn’t force someone to love her. He won’t respond to her love if she forces him to marry her. She shouldn’t have forgiven herself if Dev had married Amba. Dev asks Amba what she did wrong to her? Doesn’t she ask him why he chose Vidhi over her? Vidhi isn’t a betrayer like her. Vidhi is a good person, unlike her. Vidhi never lied to him. She doesn’t know how to plot against someone. She doesn’t have a cunning heart like Amba. Bimla slaps Amba in front of everyone.

Bimla lashes out at Amba for lying to them. She played with their lives. She had never seen such a stone-hearted person in her life. Hariprasad tore the property papers in front of her. He says to her that he doesn’t need her help. She trusted her more than her daughter. He is happy after hearing his daughter is healthy. He demands her to leave. Amba says to Dev that he looked down on her love for him. He insulted her in front of everyone for Vidhi’s sake. He revealed the truth to everyone. He doesn’t care about her love for him. He didn’t consider how many years she had waited for him. She filled her hairline with vermilion. She didn’t expect anything from him more than his love. From today she stopped loving him. A new chapter begins in her life.

She is going to take revenge on each and everyone supporting Vidhi. She won’t have anyone here. She makes sure that everyone will fall on her feet. Mark her words, she seeks revenge on him. Vidhi tells her that nothing will happen to him because she is with him. How much she tried to separate them, her relationship getting stronger with him. She gave a fitting reply to her. She adds that she will taste her own medicine. Amba asks her to stop it. She asks her to mark this day in her life. She will make sure everyone pays for their deeds. She leaves from there. Urmila went there along with Pramod. Hariprasad shares with him that Vidhi is fine. He is happy for her.

Urmila complained to Hariprasad that it’s Vidhi’s drama to marry Dev. Dev assures Vidhi everything will be alright. Dev shares with Hariprasad that he agreed to perform his wedding with Vidhi for her happiness. He took that decision, believing Amba’s lies. He is not going to take advantage. He asks him to reconsider his decision. Hariprasad stops Dev from leaving. He informs Dev that he understood one thing from this situation. He saw Dev’s love for his daughter. He failed to see this before.

But he was happy to learn that someone is there to love and care for his daughter. He is ready to stand with her in her hard times. He cared about his age. If something happens to him, then she will remain alone. But god took his fear away from him. He doesn’t care about what others will think about his family. Hariprasad joins Vidhi’s hands with Dev. He accepted their relationship with his whole heart. Vidhi hugs her parents in happiness. Vidhi says to Satyavati this marriage won’t take place without her blessings.

Episode end

Precap; Abhimanyu will inform Dev that Amba has arranged a press meeting against Dev. Later, Amba will inform the media that Dev betrayed her. He promised to marry her but he chose a younger girl over her.

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