Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 24th November 2022 Written Update: Sathyavathi’s shocking announcement

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 24th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chithra requesting Sathyavathi to find out the ring asap. Vickram and Chithra leaves to bring Dev and Amba. The priest asks them where is the ring? Amba says to them that ring is with her. She kept it safe. Everyone gets relieved hearing it. Abhimanyu informs Sathyavathi that they find out ring. She reads the letter and gets emotional.

Amba signals the priest. He assures her that he will take care of everything. The priest asks her to call her 5 sisters to do a rituals. Chithra says that she is his sister but married to Amba’s brother. The priest says that she isn’t able to do this rituals. Priya calls Ananya and Kanika to do this ritual. Urmila and Golden joins with them. The priest says that one member is remain. Amba requests Hariprasad to allow Vidhi to do this ritual. He assures to her.

Vidhi gets hurts to hear it. When it Vidhi turns Amba says to her that Vidhi will be Dev’s sister after this ritual. Amba asks Vidhi to do it asap. Golden thinks that Vidhi is going to become a sister of her loving one. She feels pity of her state. Vidhi hurts to hear it. Another priest stop Vidhi and says to him. He never heard about such rituals yet. Engagement might take place on time. Good auspicious time going on. If they don’t Exchange the ring on time then it’s will turn out a bad omen. Amba says that she doesn’t want to do this ritual. Let’s perform the engagement asap.

Dev glares at Amba understanding it’s her drama to insult Vidhi. Hariprasad advises Amba to exchange the ring first. Amba removed the veil and things from her lap. She asks them to give the ring. Priya gives the ring to Dev. Everyone claps for them. Dev takes the ring in his hand and stares it emotional. Milani maa idol focuses on that time. Dev about to wear the ring on Amba’s finger. Sathyavathi comes there and demands them to stop it. She announced to everyone that this engagement won’t take place. Chithra asks her what happened? Sathyavathi asks her ti shit up. She adds that everything happening because of her adamant nature. She is not able to ruin Dev’s life for her happiness.

Amba asks her why she is doing like that? She asks her to let them engage. Sathyavathi shares with her that she won’t allow her to marry her son Dev. She don’t need a daughter-in-law like Amba in her family. Everyone gets shocked to hear it. Sathyavathi asks Dev to choose whether he need his mom or Amba? Chithra asks her what’s going on here? Sathyavathi lashes out at her for creating a mess in Dev’s life.

Sathyavathi makes it clear that she won’t accept Amba as her daughter in law. Amba pleads with her to don’t stop this engagement. She says to her that she loves Dev a lot. She was waiting for this moment these many years. Sathyavathi asks Dev to don’t ruin his happiness for anyone. Just say it out what he was feeling about it? Amba says that she is a step mom of him. A step mom can’t able to be his mom. She won’t think anything good for her step son. Dev asks Amba to shut up. He says to her that he won’t take any word against his mom. Sathyavathi asks him to choose whether he need his mom or Amba. Dev throws the ring down indicating his mom is important to him than anything. Chithra says that it’s not right at all.

Sathyavathi says that everything is going right now. Chithra tries to convince her. But she shouts on her and walks on. Chithra and Abhimanyu asks Dev what’s goin on there? Priya says that their family reputation will be ruined. Dev says to them that Amba is aware of everything. She knows the reason behind this all. He walks away from there. Vidhi thinks that she didn’t expected anything to end like this. Vickram says to Chithra that he didn’t expected her family members to hurt his sister like that. Chithra apologize to him.

Episode end

Precap; Amba will share to Vidhi that she is the soul reason for her humiliation. Her unnecessary love story ruined her life. Amba will challenge Vidhi to ruin her happiness as well as Dev.

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