Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th October 2022 Written Update: Abhimanyu manages the Investors

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th October 2022 Written Update:on

The episode starts with Dev sharing to Vidhi that Board members were angry on him. He doesn’t want to throw him in fire. He wants to be with Abhimanyu to increase his confidence level. He isn’t able to see him getting insulted in front of them. He warns her that he won’t leave her if something happen like this and leaves. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu shares with Board members that he isn’t experienced to handle such crisis. He doesn’t have any other option then handle this. He asks them to eat the pizaa first. Dev is not ready to listen Vidhi. She asks him Is he really Abhimanyu’s brother? Dev stops in his way hearing it.

Sathyavathi inquired Yogesh Is he learn anything about Dev? He tells her that he isn’t return to office yet. Sathyavathi demands him to let her know what’s going on there? He assured her. Priya teases Sathyavathi for seeing her state.

Sathyavathi scolds her. Meanwhile, Dev asks Vidhi how dare she question him like that? Vidhi says to him that Investors asked the same question to Abhimanyu. They said that Abhimanyu is Dev’s sautan’s son. That is why he left him in this situation. He got angry and wishes to prove to them that he is real brother of Dev Raichand. He takes this decision to come here collecting his courage. He is ready to help Dev Raichand in any way.

Later, Investors says to Abhimanyu that they spent crores in their company. But he was asking them to eat the pizza. Abhimanyu tells him that he have two reason for it. First they will be relaxed. Next reason he will be reveal later. Vidhi says to Dev that doesn’t he wish to see Abhimanyu standing in his own leg. He asks him to give a chance to Abhimanyu to handle this. Later, Hariprasad and his family members are praying for Raichand’s company.

Abhimanyu says to Investors that they will give guarantee to their amount. They shouldn’t withdraw their money. They questioned him about the share market. He says to them that situation is not well now but share market will raise again. He doesn’t need to worry about it. He says to Abhimanyu that he was talking in logic way but they need someone to take guarantee of their amount.

Meanwhile, Dev says to Vidhi that he is able to understand her but his heart asking him to help him. Vidhi says to him that he wasn’t trusting him. She pleads with him to trust him once. Why don’t he give a chance to Abhimanyu and trust him. Here, Abhimanyu explains the share market with them in his unique way. Vidhi pleads with Dev to stop there. She falls on his feet. Dev walks away from there ignoring them.

Abhimanyu explains to Investors in his own unique way. Investors seems convinced with his words. Dev gets surprised to see him handling the situation well. Abhimanyu compares everything with pizzaa. Dev notices Vidhi and smiles at her. Investors says to them that they liked his pizza party.

They demands him to give this pizza party in every board meeting. He assured to him. Vidhi thank Dev for giving a chance to him. He doubts how is this possible? Investors noticed Dev there and praises Abhimanyu in front of him. Dev apologize to Abhimanyu for not being with him in such crisis. He tells him that he is always with him. Dev apologize to investors for not able to reach on time. He congratulated whole team. Yogesh pretends like congratulate Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu gives all credits to Vidhi. He says to him that Vidhi explained this charts to him. He requests Dev that he wants to jon back in office. Dev hugs him in happiness. Dev thank Vidhi for her help. Later, Dev takes Abhimanyu to his cabin and asks him to sit there. Abhimanyu says to him that no one able to take his position. He is Ram to him. He sacrificed his happiness for him. They have emotional moments. Abhimanyu thank Vidhi for her help. Dev says to her that he helped him personally today. Dev asks Abhimanyu to share with Sathyavathi what happened today.

Episode end

Precap: Dev will appreciate his teammates for working well in such crisis. He will give special appreciation to Vidhi for organizing the team. He will thank her for encouraging Abhimanyu to handle such crisis

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