Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 27th October 2022 Written Update: Dev conveys his appreciation

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 27th October 2022 Written Update:on

The episode starts with Dev saying to Vidhi that he is the owner of Raichand’s company. Though she stops his way and holds his feet. Vidhi tells him that she did like that to increase Abhimanyu’s confidence level. Dev asks her what about her confidence? Vidhi blinks to him not understanding anything. Dev tells her that he wasn’t saying she is over confidence. But because of her Abhimanyu achieved something today. Just because of her Abhimanyu handled the crisis with his confidence. She helped him personally. He asks her why is she here? Doesn’t he transferred to another branch. He demands her to write a written apology.

She searched paper there but Dev tells her it’s a joke. Meanwhile, Amba gets shocked to learn that Vidhi brought Abhimanyu to office and stopped Dev from attending the conference. Amba asks Yogesh doesn’t he kick her out of the company? Yogesh tells her that because of her shares holders got convinced. Kanika tells him that Vidhi is talented one. Yogesh tease her to build an temple for Vidhi and chant mantra for her. He complaints that it’s a team work. She send the chart to Arjun. He explained it to Abhimanyu. That is why he handled the conference well.

Later, Sathyavathi takes arathi to Abhimanyu and hugs him to appreciate him. Chithra and Priya congratulates him. Priya says to Abhimanyu that he proved today that he is able to handle the board meeting alone. Abhimanyu gives all the credits to Vidhi. He adds that she made him understand the chart well. Priya says to him it’s not a easy job to handle the meeting alone. So take little credit for himself too. Abhimanyu adds that meeting is not a big thing. But Vidhi made Abhimanyu understand what is chart? He adds that she explains the chart to him comparing it with pizaa. Though she isn’t taking credits for it. Sathyavathi tells him she is aware of it. Her parents upbringing her in well manners.

Dev shares with his employees that they proved to him they are not only his employees but a family. They helped him a lot in such crisis. Yogesh says to Dev that he is not only his friend. That is why he did whatever he was able to do for him. Dev says to them that special appreciation to Vidhi. Because she was the one stopped him from interrupting Abhimanyu’s conference.

Neither she didn’t think about her job nor her respect. She only thinks about this company’s development. Vidhi gives credits to Arjun too. Dev says to them that tomorrow is Diwali. So he is giving Diwali bonus to everyone. Sangeetha gives the bonus to everyone. Dev thank Vidhi once again. Golden notice Dev shaking his hand with Vidhi.

Priya asks Abhimanyu to take over Raichand’s company. Dev needs rest too. He wants to help him. Abhimanyu says to her he just helped him to solve this crisis. He doesn’t want to take over his company. Later, Vidhi asks Dev where did he went? He tells her that he had one personal work. Vidhi disappointed to hear it. Dev tells her that he wants to meet her parents. They reached to her home and noticed Hariprasad doing risky rituals for Dev.

Dev gets emotional seeing their love on him. He stops him and shares to Hariprasad that his problems were solved. He reveals to them whatever Vidhi did today. He personally thank Vidhi and appreciated her. Hariprasad says to him that Vidhi is god’s blessings to them. Later, Dev returns to home and gets happy to meet his family members. Sathyavathi is on cloud nine.

Episode end

Precap; Urmila to create unnecessary problems in Hariprasad’s family. She will insult Vidhi in front of her family members.

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