Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 28th October 2022 Written Update: Vidhi receives an Honour

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 28th October 2022 Written Update:on

The episode starts with Kanika congratulating Vidhi. Vidhi tells her that she convinced Abhimanyu with her her chart. All credits goes to her. Kanika apologize to her. Vidhi asks her to stop it. Past is past she hugs her in happiness. Later, Priya arranging everything for Lakshmi Pooja. Chithra says to her, she will help her to arrange it. Priya denied it reasoning almost everything is over. She used to do this pooja in office every year along with Abhimanyu. Amba reaches there and greets Priya. Priya says to her that she doesn’t know middle class girl Vidhi is not leaving any single chance to impress Dev. She convinced everyone in board meeting and created a special place in everyone heart.

Amba comments on her. Later, Abhimanyu says to Dev that Vidhi is different from others. She is always proving that she is smart one. Dev tells him that she is always right. Abhimanyu suggests him to let Vidhi complete this pooja. Dev denied it reasoning Priya used to do it always. Abhimanyu adds that she was the one who motivated him to finish the deal. Dev convinced him.

Later, Abhimanyu praised her Rangoli. He suggests her to start story telling instead of work here. Dev also teasing her. Meanwhile, Dev announces to everyone that Vidhi will do this Lakshmi Pooja. Priya says to him how could he do it? Dev asks Abhimanyu didn’t he inform Priya about it yet?

Abhimanyu reveals her that he asked Dev to allow Vidhi to do this pooja. Priya says that it’s her rights to do it. He is insulting her in front of others. Abhimanyu tells her it’s not insulting her but giving the rights to Vidhi which she deserves. Chithra also supports Abhimanyu there. Sathyavathi asks Vidhi to do it. Later, Amba says to Vidhi that she is may be get a chance to do the Lakshmi Pooja. But she isn’t able to become a Lakshmi in Dev’s life.

Dev noticed Vidhi is talking with Amba. He asks Vidhi to do the pooja. Arjun pretends like teasing her that she wasn’t saying anything. Vidhi shares with them that she hesitated to work here. She started being friend with others. Dev, who stopped her engagement and saved her life. Arjun asks her to say something about him. Vidhi says that everyone needs a best friend like Arjun in their life. Vidhi asks them to allow Priya to do this Lakshmi Pooja. She deserved to do it because it’s her rights. Abhimanyu asks her to do it. But she convinced Priya and brings her there.

Vidhi says to Priya that she wants to lead this company. She shares ro Dev that Lakshmi Pooja brings goddess Lakshmi’s blessings to out company. If his family members do it than his family members will receive that blessings. They start the pooja there. Amba asks Vidhi to leave Dev and search a person according to her status.

Amba says to them that she has a special surprise for them. She informs Dev that she brought FM Radio promotion poster. She is revealing it today. She adds that Vidhi’s contribution is a lot in it. Dev reveals the poster. Vidhi gets shocked to see her photo morphed with Arjun. Everyone praised the photo there except Dev and Vidhi. Golden takes the picture of her. Amba says that she will give this advertisement to every platform. She will become a star here. Dev questioning Amba who give permission to her to use their picture. She says that Vidhi is also a member of this team. Dev complaints that she should have asked his permission before she use her picture there. He noticed Vidhi is missing there.

Episode end

Precap: Vidhi will reach to Balghar. Dev will notice her there. Vidhi will tell him that she doesn’t like that picture. It’s wrong. Dev will accept that it’s wrong. He will assure her that this problem will end in their office itself.

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