Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 29th October 2022 Written Update: Hariprasad is furious.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 29th October 2022 Written Update:on

The episode starts with Dev questioning Amba how could she use his employees photo without his permission? He doesn’t mind Arjun but Vidhi’s photo in it. Amba says that it’s a decent poster. Dev says that she shouldn’t take decisions without his permission. Dev noticed that Vidhi is missing. Meanwhile, Hariprasad waiting for Vidhi. Bimla tells him that she have pooja in office. She will reach home asap. Ananya says to Dev that she went to home because she is celebrating diwali in her home.

Amba says that she doesn’t have any problems in it. That’s why she left without saying anything. Vidhi reaches to Balghar and thinks that poster ruined her happiness. Later, Urmila shows the poster everyone in her family. Bimla says to her that Vidhi won’t do like that. Urmila says to her that her daughter is became a heroine. Bimla tells her that she is working with him in a project. Urmila says to her that this poster will reach to everywhere. Golden said this to her. It’s better she asks Vidhi to quit her job and make her sit in a corner. Hariprasad gets hurt to hear it.

Later, Vidhi thinks that Amba used her photo without her permission. How could she take advantage on her? Amba is also a girl then why is she doing this to her? Later, Urmila says to Hariprasad that he didn’t give permission to her? Then how coulf she give pose to them. She leaves from there after badmouthing on Vidhi. Bimla asks Hariprasad to don’t get angry on her. Let’s ask about this to Vidhi first.

Hariprasad asks her where she is? Later, Abhimanyu shows name board to everyone. Priya gets disappointed to see his name board. Abhimanyu says to Dev that he wants to jon back in office. He says to Dev that he wants to work from juniors level. Dev feels proud of her and tells him that he will develop his skills asap. He is trusting him. Chithra asks him to give treat. He assure to cook for his family members.

Priya says that it’s so touchy. She asks him why is he starting from juniors level. Only Vidhi is skilled to develop her skills. She got a chance to do the Lakshmi Pooja in office. Doesn’t he give the rights of Raichand family daughter in law. She leaves from there. Later, Hariprasad waiting for Vidhi. Bimla shares to him that she will go to Balghar. He shouldn’t worry about her. They leaves to take dinner.

Later, Sathyavathi requests Dev to take her to Balghar. She wants to meets the childrence there. He assured to take her there. Meanwhile, Vidhi is celebrating diwali with the childrence in Balghar. Dev takes Sathyavathi to Balghar. Vidhi is playing with the childrence and sharing story to them. Dev and Sathyavathi reached there. Sathyavathi gets impressed with her story. They claps for her. Dev gets impressed by her advise to children. Vidhi feels happy to see him spending time with kids.

Sathyavathi blesses Vidhi and asks her to be happy always. She asks her why is she here? Vidhi tells her that she used to visit children always here. Dev introduced Sathyavathi to those children. Vidhi excuses her and leaves. Dev asks her why did she left early? Vidhi tells him that she didn’t liked that poster. It’s wrong to use her picture. He tells her it’s wrong. He is promising her it will end in office.

Episode end

Precap; Neighbour will show Vidhi’s poster to Hariprasad. Which hurts his ego

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